Tempo Pacing – MT WK4 D1

Since tomorrow night’s Quarry Road trail race will be an 8K, I decided to do my faster pace work this morning. Notice that I said faster pace, that is faster for me, not you or anyone else.

After Mary and I did Bennie’s long walk, I got changed up and looked at the shoe rotation and decided to take the Brooks Green Silence out for a longer run than usual. I had planned on 4-5 miles and was leaning more towards the 5.0. I wanted to see how they would do on a slightly longer run.

I started out quick, but it was more of a comfortably hard than race pace. I was attempting to maintain the effort level for a longer time than simply running fast. Which is one of my weaknesses that I need to work on. That being able to focus on a maintaining a faster pace without slowing down too much.

The first couple of miles I was able to keep the sub 8:00 pace without too many problems and got through the 5K the second fastest time according to Garmin this year in training. However, I did slow down a bit more than I wanted on that little bump coming off Tiffany to the dirt road.

Then going up Stevens Hill I maintained good running form even though I did slow down a LOT more than I wanted to – that is something I am going need to work on – maintaining pace going up hills.

During the last mile I picked the pace back up, but didn’t quite get back under 8:00.

The Green Silence handled the pace easily and did well with the distance. Although the left forefoot started to get a little – not sore but just the start of some discomfort??? Once I got off Stevens Hill and picked the pace back up, it stopped bothering. Right now I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Green Silence for anything up to a 10K and if I loose 10-15 pounds would use them for a Half Marathon. They just feel comfortable for me.

This afternoon, I had my acupuncture appointment and relaxed while I got needled. Couldn’t resist – sorry not sorry.

After I finished I had planned on doing an doing an easy 3.0 on the rail trail, but with a pretty intense thunder storm blowing through at that time, I decided that discretion was the better part of valor. Although I by the time I got over to Leighton Road, the sun was out.

Believe it or not I enjoyed the faster pace this morning, I know that I am bit sick in the head for saying that, but I have always enjoyed running faster. It was also a huge confidence builder as far as how the body felt. The right hip was just a little sore, but not as bad as last week and the left Achilles/ankle felt pretty good.

So I think I am pretty ready for that 8K trail race tomorrow and the hills will kick my butt, but I will run them the best I can. It is going to be a good week.

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