Quarry Road 8K Trail Race – MT WK4 D2

Today was Quarry Road’s 8K trail race and it is the hardest for me. The big hills on the South and North loops kick my butt and then the two trails along the river finish the butt kicking.

So tonight, I looked at this race as simply a training run and didn’t have any big expectations, other than to finish and have as much fun as I could have running up and down hills on trails in 82*F and bright sunshine.

Also I wanted to wear a lighter pair of shoes than the Topo’s, but really didn’t need anything special, other than a bigger heel for the downhills (they are steep) and a decent grip, so I decided to use the Nike Pegasus 33’s.

I talked with some of the other runners and we all were talking about starting slow and probably going slow with the hills and the heat. Surprisingly that is exactly what I did. I usually go out way too fast, but tonight I started out slow and finished better than I usually do.

The hills kicked butt – just like I knew they would and yes, I walked some up the big one and didn’t feel a bit guilty about it. I did make up good time coming down the hills and then surprisingly, did pretty good on the river loop. I actually passed 3 people on that stretch, where I usually have too many problems and get passed too much myself. The last one I had to outkick at the end to hold her off.

I had been telling her that she had to keep up and that she was gonna get me on the last hill. I really thought that she would do it too. I was hurting pretty good, but that old competitiveness came out and I wasn’t going to make it easy for her to go past in the last 200 yards. She didn’t to my surprise, I have a feeling if she had done it on the hill I would have let her go, but she waited and I could see the finish and I let it pull me in.

The results

42:19 for 4.57 mile which is close enough to an 8K, since the other two races were a bit long. I am solidly in the middle of the pack finishing 25/50.

The best part of the run was I finished without breaking anything or having other than the discomfort you expect when running on a tough course. Although I did find two ticks crawling around, that do not have to worry about waking up tomorrow for breakfast.

I did mow the lawn, Bennie’s walks and all that normal stuff that we do during the day. So it wasn’t on rested legs that I did the race today. However, I was still ecstatic about how well I ran, especially the last 2K and finishing with a decent kick.

Now to get ready for Thursday and see how my long run goes. I am feeling pretty confident that after tonight it should be pretty good.

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