A Nice Recovery Run & Critters – MT WK4 D3

After last night’s trail run, I won’t really call it a race although I ran with other runners. 😉 Although I gotta admit that I was still a bit more sore than I expected. My left quad/knee were a bit sore, but the right upper calf and below the knee still is more sore than I want, along with my right hip issue which is not getting any better.

When we were coming out of the house for Bennie’s long walk this morning, this critter was lounging at the end of the front step. Thankfully, I saw it before I stepped down, otherwise I might have done one of those four foot leaps in the air.

No, I am not a fan of any kind of snake.

On Bennie’s long walk yesterday down on the ledges we saw four chickens wandering around. We kind of thought that some probably dropped them off down-back either because they were not laying anymore or were just developing combs and were overly aggressive. It turned out that they were just developing combs, but were not all that aggressive, just very skittish. When we walked back down there this morning they were still there, so they were a drop off to survive in the wild. Continue reading “A Nice Recovery Run & Critters – MT WK4 D3”