Quarry Road Exploration – RunLog 6-29-18

Well I am back to just writing a RunLog versus a marathon training log and you know something, after sleeping on it – it was the only choice that I really had to keep moving forward.

Things are looking up, I signed up for the Friends of the 4th 5K over in Winthrop tonight and am thinking about other races that I would not be doing if I had continued with my marathon training.

So I do think some good will come out of it. I might just race a little more.

I didn’t want to run fast at all this morning, since I had that right calf thingy going on, plus I wanted to try out the Nike Wildhorse OG that suddenly appeared on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. I had a $30 and $25 Amazon gift certificates and the price for the Wildhorse’s came in right at that point – good job of searching for the right deal.

I did get the Wildhorse’s because I wanted a pair of shoes to do the local trail races and I wasn’t happy with Lone Peak 2.5’s and my road options while they worked were not quite all that great on the downhills or if I got into some mud or guck.

Also a couple of years ago at Olympia Sports, I had tried on a pair and loved the fit/feel of the shoes and I came within walking up to the counter of buying them. I only didn’t because I had bought a pair of running shoes earlier in the week and Mary would have had my head on a silver platter – she is usually good about my shoe obsession, but twice in the same week – well that would have gotten the eyebrows raised and few choice comments made.

However, it was one of those running shoe purchases that I have regretted not making (especially at the price point they had on them), so when I had the opportunity to get them this time, I said “why not?”

So this morning I purposely tried to stay on the single-track over at Quarry Road. I figured that they would be a great test of the grip and comfort of my new Wildhorses.

I went up the old Ski Hill (yeah it kicked my butt), took a wrong turn and ended up in someone’s backyard, then got on an old four wheeler track and somehow ended up on top of the old ski hill. The view was slightly gorgeous from up there.

When I got over to North Koons, I did attempt to go down Wally’s Way, but the grass was too wet and long. I think that is where I picked up that damn tick.

If you are running trails or even some roads, you do need to check yourself over for ticks every so often during the run and especially after you get done.

After that I did some more exploring of the new trails they have developed since I wandered around last year. They are not groomed yet, but they are very runnable and follow along Messalonskee Stream. I can see them being very nice trails in a few years.

However, by the time I got back past the Dock, the heat was starting to kick in and slowed down to a walk on some of the little hills going back to the original parking lot. I wasn’t going to push myself too hard in the heat and how bad my legs felt yesterday, today was just to get some miles on the legs and try out the new shoes.

On the way home, when I passed Fred’s Coffee, the temperature read 86*F, with bright sunshine, so I figured out why I was feeling so bad at the end of the run. Hills, heat and humidity are my nemesis during the summer.

A good run and I was very pleased with the Wildhorses and how they did on wet single track (from the storm on Thursday). An added plus was that the right calf thingy didn’t bother at all during the run. 🙂

I have also stopped attaching Bennie to me via the waist belt and am holding his leash in my hands for a while to see if that will help out on the hip issues. Some of the problems I have a feeling are when he suddenly pulls me in one direction and I was going in another. So we will see if this strategy helps or if I am just getting old.

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