Hot and Short – RunLog 6-30-18

I planned on cutting back a little on the mileage today, since by the time I got done with Bennie’s long walk and stuf, the temps were already in the 80’s and I wasn’t feeling the best this morning – that issue I don’t talk about too much decided to raise its ugly head. With that combination, I try to take it a bit easier.

Going down back wasn’t an option and with not feeling super, I decided that I would do laps on top. That way if I decided that I wanted to cut my 3.0 miler short, I could stop pretty quickly and not have that long of a walk back to the house.

I didn’t attempt to do a fast run in that kind of heat, but I did run a little faster each mile and finished fairly respectably. Actually, the run felt pretty good and I felt better after I got done than I did before I started. A really good thing, but with the heat, I wasn’t going to run any further today.  Continue reading “Hot and Short – RunLog 6-30-18”