Hot and Short – RunLog 6-30-18

I planned on cutting back a little on the mileage today, since by the time I got done with Bennie’s long walk and stuf, the temps were already in the 80’s and I wasn’t feeling the best this morning – that issue I don’t talk about too much decided to raise its ugly head. With that combination, I try to take it a bit easier.

Going down back wasn’t an option and with not feeling super, I decided that I would do laps on top. That way if I decided that I wanted to cut my 3.0 miler short, I could stop pretty quickly and not have that long of a walk back to the house.

I didn’t attempt to do a fast run in that kind of heat, but I did run a little faster each mile and finished fairly respectably. Actually, the run felt pretty good and I felt better after I got done than I did before I started. A really good thing, but with the heat, I wasn’t going to run any further today. 

There are some limitations to what I will run in and when the temps are over 85*F, I slow down and shorten the distance, so I don’t stress the body too much.

Today’s run was more about getting out there and doing it, than anything else. With everything going on, I wasn’t sure how it would go and it turned out to be just what I needed to re-set things and get the body back to normal again.

Though we did have to move the air conditioner from the back room to the dining room this morning. It seems as though the electrical circuit couldn’t handle it being back there and tripped the circuit breaker last night. The A/C is working better and is doing a much better job of keeping the house cooler where it is now. Just in time for the heat wave that is going to be around for a while.

Other than that it was a quiet day and I get to make a few more changes to my running log spreadsheet to make things simpler again. 🙂 Always a good thing.

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