Philbrick Speed Work – RunLog 7-31-18

No Quarry Road 5K trail race tonight, I decided early on in the day that I wasn’t going. After yesterday’s aborted run due to my left Plantar Fascia telling me all kinds of nasty things, there was no way I was going to run fast uphill tonight. I spent most of yesterday afternoon and early this morning enjoying the golf ball finding every little shred of crackly, snappy stuff in that foot that I could stand. LOTS OF FUN – not.

It seems that the Salomon Sonic’s were just a bit too stiff for my left foot. I experience this problem in shoes that don’t flex well and those that have a full length outsole sometimes make it talk to me about everything but wanting to run on it. I will play with the Salomon’s more and in a week will try them again for a few more miles to see if I have resolved the issue or if they will go away.

So this morning, I wasn’t even sure if I would be running or not.

On Bennie’s long walk the PF loosened up a bit, so I figured that I would give it a go. Now today is my faster day and since I wasn’t going over to Quarry Road, that I might as well see if the PF would let me do some sort of faster running – probably nothing race pace, but faster than I have done lately. I know, a rest day is what I should have done, but I was antsy this morning and things were feeling better than I expected.

Also I didn’t feel like going to the track, so I decided to do laps out in front of the house and measured a .25 distance from the speed limit sign down past the house on a flat portion of the road and did my repeats on that.

I somehow managed to do 6 x .25 at sub 7:00 pace in pretty warm conditions and then did 4 x 2 power poles at faster paces. When I got done, I felt like shite and had to force myself to do the cool-down mile. However, the left plantar felt great and once I started abusing myself doing speedwork, I forgot all about that and focused on how bad I was feeling during the fast repeats.

The joy of doing speedwork in hot weather. Speed work when done right doesn’t feel good while you are in the middle of a repeat and in hot weather it really sucks for me, but it does condition the body to enduring faster running.

At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Yeah I had on the Nike Rival 6’s and they do encourage me to run faster when I am wearing them.

Overall, it was a very good workout, where I ran a LOT faster than I thought that I was going to when I started. Sometimes you just have to start the workout and see where it takes you – if the PF had bothered after that first mile warm-up I would have shut it down.

However, it didn’t and if I had just gone ahead and accepted that my PF was bothering too much, I would have missed out on a pretty good speed-work session.

It was just as well that I didn’t go to Quarry Road, it ended up that we needed to drop off the Jeep this evening at ACAR to see what is going on with it. So things worked themselves out quite well.

Now to figure out how to get the Salomon’s so they do not bother the PF, I have a couple of ideas, but need to wait a week or two to let the Plantar Faciitis calm back down completely before I go experimenting. I do like the Salomon’s, but if they continue to bother the PF they will go away.

A nice workout to finish the month off.

A Varied Week – But a Pretty Good One – 7-29-18

It has been a busy week with a lot of things happening beyond running, but nothing I want to put into this week in review. On the running front I had a really good week, where I got over 35 miles for the week, without a long run, lifted weights a couple of times and even went on a hike with Mary and Bennie.

For the first time this year, we headed out for a hike. Mary’s old EMS boots finally fell apart when she was wearing them up back raspberry scouting last weekend and she got a new pair of Keen’s this week. So of course we had to try them out. No issues or problems on a nice 4.0 mile hike down in Montville. Continue reading “A Varied Week – But a Pretty Good One – 7-29-18”

First Run – Salomon Sonic 2016 – RunLog 7-28-18

There have been far too many “new” shoes in my running shoe rotation this year, but I am getting to try a few brands that I haven’t before, so that much is good. I am also learning that there is a quality difference between brands that gets pretty apparent once you have seen the differences up close.

However, I have never run in Salomon running shoes before today, though I had tried them on a few times before, but the narrow toe box and price points had always scared me off before.

So today I got to run in another pair of new shoes, the Salomon Sonic (2016) version. The Sonic’s are a birthday present from Bennie and he found them on eBay and then negotiated with the seller to get them for a really good price.

The weight at 9.3 ounces is right in the wheelhouse of where I want my trainers to be, the shoes themselves seemed to be well built, no obvious flaws and appeared about as close to new as any shoes I have received through eBay. While they were a tiny bit snug in the forefoot, the rest of the shoes fit perfectly with my toe-socks. Continue reading “First Run – Salomon Sonic 2016 – RunLog 7-28-18”

Treadmill, Then Moving to a Longer Sweatfest Outside – RunLog 7-26-18

It rained a bit this morning, which in the grand scheme of things was a really good thing, but not all that great for my long run. I like running in the rain as much as the next guy, but when I am going for double-digits…well it does tend to get old for the feet and you also risk those pesky things called blisters a lot more.

It was still raining pretty good when I did Bennie’s long walk, down-back was rather slimey and I didn’t feel like having to wear trail shoes to run there. Although the Pegasus 33S did a pretty good job while walking, I would have wanted more grip to run.

So instead of running on a course close to home or outside in Waterville, I figured that I would head to the gym, hop on the treadmill and run until I couldn’t deal with it anymore.

However, something happened on the ride over though that changed my mind about the treadmill.

The sun came out.

Which didn’t turn down the humidity levels, but sure as hell made it so I was going to run outside. However, I also had made a lunch date for 12:30 with Mary, so I wasn’t going to do double-digits for my long run, plus I wanted to calibrate the Milestone Footpod to the treadmill, since that is more where I will be using it going forward.

That and the fact that I had brought my Nike Rival 6’s to run on the treadmill. I had traded out the regular laces for LockLaces, which I prefer on my race day shoes (I hate it when shoes come untied during a race) and needed to see if they needed tweaking (they didn’t).

So I got on the treadmill, started it at 7.5 mph for .5 and then increased to 7.7 mph for the rest of the mile. The pod was only off by .1, but was fairly close to the mileage that the Garmin registered, so I am wondering if I should just go with the Garmin, especially since after I calibrated it, the mileage for the longer run was off by .51 too far.

Well enough of that stuff, let’s get to the run.

I was going to get to see how the Rival 6’s did on a longer run, which is something that I wanted to do at some point, so I might as well find out how they feel sooner than later.

Starting out I had to hold myself back from running too fast – not used to that and I thought that I was moving at about a 8:30 or so pace, err 8:04 first mile and 8:06 for the second one. The Rivals didn’t like to go slower at the start of this run, even though I did not push the pace.

After I passed the Waterville High School, I felt that crappy feeling in my stomach or lower getting in knots and had to endure that feeling until I got to the Colby Track, where there just happened to be a Porta Potty waiting there for me to use. After that I felt a lot better.

Unfortunately, that was also when I had to keep running to the top of Mayflower Hill. Stopping had made things better, but I had lost my mojo and pulling up my Lycra tights (I wear them under my shorts to prevent chaffing), which were sweat soaked was not easy and then getting them readjusted so they were comfortable again wasn’t all that much fun. One of those things that takes the focus away from running.

I plodded along in front of the new construction and then running up the hill just about did me in. The 73*F wasn’t bad, but the 100% humidity was tough and I struggled to just keep going. When I got to the Washington St. turn-off, I was running out of time, so I decided to go straight down to JFK, which while shorter, also exposes me to a LOT more traffic.

When I turned onto JFK, the traffic was pretty tough and adding that into heading up that small hill, made it even more difficult. Once I got past Dunkin Donuts, the amount of space on my side of the white line decreased dramatically and I had to get up on the lawn to stay safe. Even though the grass was wet and rather slippery (the shoes did great), it was safer than being on the side of the road.

After I got to the top of the hill I just wanted to finish and get it done. It was a good run, but one that I was glad was over.

When I stopped I was quite tired. The humidity was tough, but my legs and feet felt fine.

During the run I didn’t think about my shoes and when I hit some stretches where it was still really wet or on that grass, the Rival 6’s were fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to race with them on – for any distance that I might do. However, I wouldn’t want to use them as my daily trainers – they do not promote running slower, even though I did run quite nicely at a slower pace, it is too easy to pick up the pace without realizing how much you have until after you have done it.

Yeah, once I was in the locker room I had to wring my shirt out, to get rid of the sweat.

Lunch was pretty good and I do enjoy Big G’s every so often, though I wouldn’t want to make a habit of eating there.

Although Mary did comment that my arms and legs are starting to look scrawny and that I don’t need to loose anymore weight. Errr only one problem my weight is staying the same 159-161, so I probably need to start weight training a little more consistently ;-).

Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – 50 Plus Mile Review

Now this review is just for continuity purposes, since the Pegasus 35 and Turbo models have already been released. I have a feeling that not too many people are going to be very interested in reading about a model that was released two models ago. πŸ™‚

If you are – read on.

I got these at our local Mardens (a close out store) earlier this summer when I was wandering around in there and couldn’t resist the price point they were at. I certainly didn’t need them at the time, although the Shield technology intrigued me as well.

After almost 80 miles in the Nike Pegusus 33 Shield model, they have been the pleasant surprise of the summer for me. Continue reading “Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – 50 Plus Mile Review”

Fast, Long, Recovery, Trail, Tweener – What Are Your Shoes?

Yesterday afternoon when I looked at the Pegasus 35’s, it really got me to thinking about how they would actually fit in my current running shoe rotation. After thinking about it overnight – I know that right now they wouldn’t have a fit anymore than the Pegasus 33’s that I am using more than I should.

I really do not need another pair of go faster than I should – super-duper daily trainers. What I really is a pair of daily trainers that are comfortable to run longer distances, easy and recovery runs. So I am glad that I didn’t have Bennie buy me a pair for my birthday – it is not what I need, they are more an example of Harold being Harold and getting something that I want.

Whew, got by that running shoe crisis – just barely. πŸ™‚


It seems that as I pass through different stages in my running (that getting to be an old fart thing), that the way that I look at running shoes also changes. Over the past six years I have worn a lot of running shoes, written a LOT of words about those running shoes and am finally starting to figure out how I need to use my running shoes.

For now at least. Continue reading “Fast, Long, Recovery, Trail, Tweener – What Are Your Shoes?”

Lawrence Track, Memories, Yesterday and Misc – RunLog 7-24-18

Yes, I ran yesterday, an easy 10K up to the cornfields on Tiffany Road and with 100% humidity it felt and looked like I had gone swimming instead of running when I got done. In other words a pretty typical summer run, but thankfully up heah in Maine we don’t get too many days like this.

Today, was more 100% humidity – almost misting and I had a planned track workout that I knew was going to feel a bit like swimming. I had to go up to Winslow, so I scooted over to the Lawrence H.S. Track.

Having been a Special Education Teacher at the Junior High for a couple of years, I have more than a few memories on that track, walked around it countless times and good/bad memories of what went on inside the buildings. It brought back a lot of emotions and memories of people I worked with and students I was there for, but it also reinforced why I left teaching when I did. Continue reading “Lawrence Track, Memories, Yesterday and Misc – RunLog 7-24-18”

Week in Review – 7-22-18

Last week was pretty good, I had over 40 miles running, a decent track workout, an 11.0 mile long run and a nice tempoish run. I also got my running shoe rotation pretty much figured out going forward, so those are all really good things this week.

I have noticed that I am starting to get a bit tired and cranky, so I think that this week I might cut-back a little. Just something to think more about the quality rest days.

I am going to try something different with my week in review, so bear with me as I experiment a little.

Continue reading “Week in Review – 7-22-18”

Going Faster and Inland Trails – RunLog 7-21-18

Yesterday’s run was close to tempo pace for me and it felt pretty darn good. When I put on the Nike Speed Rival 6’s, I knew that I would probably run faster than usual, but I was not expected it to feel as good as it did.

I started out pretty quickly and then picked up speed as I went down the hill. When I got down on Shepard, I didn’t pickup the pace, but just seemed to keep slowing down a little more – kind of like air escaping from a balloon- you don’t notice how much you are loosing until you find yourself kind of flat. It wasn’t that I was feeling bad or anything it was more that I just didn’t have the focus to run that hard/fast yesterday.

Although I was still running well, I never got out of the comfortably hard zone, which is probably about right for what I wanted to accomplish.

When I got down to the end of Pepin, I saw that they have extended the road about another 1/4 mile and that it goes up a little bump to get to the end now. Which is a pain to go up and kind of nice to come back down.

So of course I had to go see what things looked like and see how I could add it to my test course. I am not a fan of the bump and while the road is still dirt, even when it is tar I think that I will keep the old test course in place. Continue reading “Going Faster and Inland Trails – RunLog 7-21-18”

Back to Double-Digits – RunLog 7-19-18

This morning, well the entire day was a glorious summer day, with low humidity, temps in the high 70’s/low 80’s, a bit of breeze and bright sunshine all day. So of course around 10:00 AM, I decided that it was time for my long run.

We are doing doggie day care for SD2’s 2 older dogs and Bennie after eight years of being the only dog in the house is learning to share it with those two dogs. It has been better than we thought, but her Karma and Bennie are both “last word” dogs and need to have the last bark. So when I left (Mary kicked me out) for my run, they had been barking pretty much for a couple of hours.

I needed the peace and quiet to say the least. πŸ™‚

It was more than five degrees warmer in Waterville, which put the temps pretty much in the 80’s, which even with low humidity is still pretty warm for a long run.

Which meant that I started out slow and got slower.

I really didn’t feel like the Winslow Loop, not a lot of shade and I have done it a few times already this summer. So I figured I would try to find shade and see where it took me. Silver Street wasn’t too bad (if I had been on the other side), but in back of the Alfond Youth Center was pretty nice (plus there are porta-potties out there) and County Road wasn’t bad.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten how much of hill County Road is and then you have to climb all the way past Colby. That did slow me down a bit.

Actually, the run wasn’t that bad, I didn’t attempt to break any speed records, I just kept plugging along to the end. Although I was glad that I brought water along with me, it was a very necessary thing this morning.

This was my first long run in the Peg33 Shields and they did fine. I might have liked a little more Cush in the forefoot towards the end, but I didn’t have any issues with the shoes. Well, the feet got a little warm too, but I kind of expected that in 80*F temps and the shield water resistant coating on the outside.

No biggie, but it was rather noticeable. I have a feeling that the will be great in the colder weather, but in the warmer stuff I probably should look to see if I can find another pair of Peg 33’s or 34’s to finish out the summer on eBay.

I am actually pretty happy with the rotation I have right now

  • Trails – Nike Wildhorse OG
  • Easy/Long – Nike Pegasus 33 Shield
  • Fast stuff – Nike Speed Rival 6

Yep, all Nike stuff and it seems to be working pretty good for me so far.

Oh yeah, the Newton Gravity 3’s that I wore yesterday…well after sleeping on it, I decided that the way my forefoot felt, is the same as it did in the past and reading a few of my treadmill workouts from last winter that when I was running in them, it was more endure than enjoy the running. So they have been added to the go away pile in the back of the garage.

Too bad, but if I could make a hybrid shoe from the GRR7’s sole unit and the Gravity 3 upper, I would have a great shoe. Alas it is not to be and both will find new homes.

My long run was just a get it done run, with the highlight being getting to the finish line and being able to stop running.