Treadmill Time = Pretty Good – RunLog 7-1-18

This morning’s run was brought to you by the Planet Fitness treadmill.

Yeah, I went inside for my run today, 82*F and 72% humidity are not my strength nowadays and the way I have been feeling the last week, I really do not want to tempt fate and go outside and run in those conditions.

Naw, nothing would have happened and I would have finished the 3-4 miles I would have done outside, but they would have been survival shuffle effort miles and I wanted a nice quality workout today.

After a bunch of crap runs later in the week.

By the time I got to Planet Fitness I had figured out that I would attempt a nice 5.0 mile progression run starting at 7.0 mph and getting up to 7.5 for the last mile. I also knew that I needed 6.0 miles today to get in 30 miles for the week, so I figured that the last mile would be a mini speed work session since I haven’t done 5K Race pace for a while.

The last mile would alternate .1 @ 7.6 mph and .1 @ 8.7 mph.

That was the plan and guess what – I stuck to the plan, it was almost scary.

1.0 @ 7.0 mph

1.0 @ 7.1 mph

1.0 @ 7.2 mph

1.0 @ 7.3 mph

1.0 @ 7.5 mph

Then I did what I planned the last mile.

Nothing hurt. Everything worked the way it was supposed to and I looked like I had been swimming the t-shirt was so soaked. In other words…

A good workout – probably the best one I have had in a long while. I ran in the Green Silence and they did absolutely everything I wanted – in other words, no issues and I didn’t think about them or my feet during the run.

All good things.

Some day I will write about the other stuff, but for now, things are getting back to normal and based on this workout, the old body is ready to run that 5K on Wednesday :-). Sins of the past coming back to haunt me – that’s all – nothing all that serious.

Now to get back to running 30-35 miles a week, getting at least one good quality speed work session and a long run weekly – if I can do those three things consistently for the next year we will see where it takes me. 🙂

I might even surprise myself.

One thing that I do have to figure out is how to get my Apple ear buds to stay in my freaking ears. They pop out way too easily and become more a distraction than a help. I am getting so that for harder runs, I do enjoy having a certain kind of music playing and if I can get the buds so they stay in my ears, will use them for road racing and track/speed workouts, in addition to the treadmill time.