Getting a Bit Humid – RunLog 7-2-18

Yeah 78% humidity is almost swimming when running up heah. I know some of you have worse, but this is bad enough for me and one of the reasons that I did move back to Maine. Thankfully, we only deal with this kind of weather for short periods. πŸ™‚

The temps were not too bad at 71*F, but when the humidity percentage is higher than the temp, well it ain’t all that good. Luckily when we walked Bennie and then ran it was cloudy, so it wasn’t horrible.

I had planned on an easy 5.0 miles after yesterday’s harder treadmill run and that is what I did. Though I did add in some hills by going down-back to the Town Office, but I went by effort not pace this morning.

Even so, I still had a pretty well soaked shirt and my hat was dripping sweat pretty good.

Other than that nothing much happened during the run, it was one of those go out the door, put in the steps to finish, cool-down and then go back inside for lunch.

I still have to figure out my goals going forward, but I guess I will see how do on the 5K Race Wednesday and go from there. It will give me a pretty good idea of where I am physically and what kind of shape that I really am in.

Yeah, a boring day, where we had to go to Wal Mart and get stuff, always the highlight of my day – people watching at Wally World – it can be rather interesting at times to say the least.

Although I did go get a haircut before we went in and it definitely meets MILSPEC – I could pass inspection, no problems, hell I weigh less now than when I left active duty and definitely have a smaller waist. πŸ™‚








June 2018 – A Weird Month

June 2018 was a month of mood swings, thinking, wishing, hoping, fanciful thoughts, getting out and doing the work, then the bottom fell out at the end, only to pick myself back up and keep moving forward.

Thank you Patrick for taking this photo :-).

So that makes it a shitty ass month – right?

Not really, but it did make for more than a few frustrations, re-thinking what I need to do and also more than a few smiles. Continue reading “June 2018 – A Weird Month”