June 2018 – A Weird Month

June 2018 was a month of mood swings, thinking, wishing, hoping, fanciful thoughts, getting out and doing the work, then the bottom fell out at the end, only to pick myself back up and keep moving forward.

Thank you Patrick for taking this photo :-).

So that makes it a shitty ass month – right?

Not really, but it did make for more than a few frustrations, re-thinking what I need to do and also more than a few smiles.

Let’s get to it.

First and foremost it was the first anniversary of Phil’s death, which was tough on us both. The first anniversary of a death in the family is the hardest – for me at least. You think about what could have been, what you could have done differently and mostly how much you miss that person.

Several times over the course of June, Mary and I found ourselves talking about Phil, reminiscing about things and talking about all the stuff we did last year after he died. Many of the things we talked about were bittersweet, but necessary to talk through.

We will always miss Phil, but the living need to keep on living and live their lives well.

We are.

Let’s get back to running.

I had started the month injured (again) – darn hamstring, but wanting to do a marathon. What else is new, I seem to always want to start marathon training in June and this year became no exception. I had a lot of high hopes and lots of fantastical thinking this time However, I really believed that I could do it, hell I even found a training plan that fit well into my mindset and lifestyle.

Starting out I needed to change a few things up, was going to use the elliptical to cross train (I figured that I would need to use it after the first month). So I got myself all hyped up and jumped in head first.

Actually, I did pretty good, getting up to 40 miles for a week and an 11.0 mile long run.

However, by the end of June, the right hip, left Achilles and a couple of other things – well the body let me know that it was not going to meet the rigors or should I say the mileage necessary to get me to the marathon’s starting line.

I hated to admit it, but I had to accept reality.

For a change, instead of fighting tooth and nail to get injured, I pulled the plug and stopped everything. It sucked bad, but last Thursday’s decision to stop marathon training was the correct one for me. While I have a few things that hurt a bit more than I want to admit and there are some other things going on, in the past I would have kept trying until something actually broke.

The best part is that I made the choice and yes, it was the correct one. I am not maimed (physically or mentally) and will have a chance to get the body back on track, without loosing multiple weeks to injury.

I am still running, although the heat is nasty, but it is now July so it is expected.


I have participated in the Quarry Road trail race series and surprisingly haven’t missed any of them. I am enjoying being around the other runners and while I don’t push super hard on trails, I do push.

Now that I am not doing a marathon, I will probably sign up for a few more 5K, 10k races and look for a fall half marathon to do.

Running Shoes

I am still bouncing around too much when comes to running shoes, but am getting a better handle on what is working for me.

Brooks Green Silence – my race day and speed work shoes. They fit well, don’t bother my feet and I run fast for me in them. Can’t ask much more of them than that.

Skechers GoRun Ride 7 – long run, recovery run shoes. Again they do not bother my feet and I feel good running in them, now to get in a long run in them to see how they really do.

Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – Nasty weather shoes, recovery runs and easy trails. My biggest surprise here. The 8.5’s fit well, let me run comfortably and well…I like them.

Nike Wildhorse OG – Trail shoes, the newest shoes in the rotation and on the one trail run I have done in them so far, I am very impressed.

The grip in damp, muddy conditions on single track were very, very good. It makes me wish that I had gotten that pair at Olympia a couple of years ago when I had the chance.

Topo Ultra Fly OG – Good shoes, but I have other shoes in my rotation that do the kind of runs that I do – better. While they are versatile and over-built – which means they are a bit heavy, but not too bad at 10.3 ounces and will last forever, but…they have been relegated to my walking shoes. You know…the ones that I most likely will have on if I suddenly find the time or have an urge to suddenly Go For A Run. However, they are not the shoes that I reach for when going for a run – a big difference.

Shoes that went away

Altra Lone Peak 2.5 – I just cannot seem to do well with the zero drop and they do not feel right with inserts in them. The legs bother too much while wearing them to keep them in the rotation or even around as lawn shoes, especially the way the legs feel the next day. Too bad because I do like the way they fit – if only Altra would make a 6mm drop shoe – not everyone does well in zero drop.

The reality is that

Yeah, June was a month of extremes in mood or attitudes for me, but it ended better than I could have hoped and now it is time to figure out where to go from here with my running.

I learned again that the body cannot hold up to marathon training and it seems that the old noggin doesn’t do too well with it either, along with other body bits and pieces. So instead of beating myself up and ending up injured like so many times before. I will focus on 10K and lower, with an occasional half marathon thrown in.

I would like to keep running double-digit long runs once a week, there is just something about a long run that keeps the body moving differently. Although I will keep speed work in there once a week too – I just enjoy running fast, well fast for me anyways. Now to slow down on my easy days – I have gotten a lot of advice that I do run too fast on them. I am listening, now to just do it.

In non-running related stuff, I somehow resurrected my old ASUS laptop. Actually, I plugged it in – it booted up once, but then got stuck in the boot cycle, when I had to restart it. So I reinstalled the Linux Elementary OS and it has worked without any issues since??? So I am getting to play NWN2 and having fun with it.

June wasn’t a bad month, but it is time to move on to July.

Hard to believe it has been a year since I left the world of work and you know something I do not miss it all. I have changed and most of it is for the better – at least I would like to think so. 🙂 I just go with the flow a whole lot better than I used to and don’t let things bother me nearly as much.

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