Friends on the 4th 5K Race Recap – 7-4-18


Yes, it was freakin hot!

Okay, it is better than having to clean up after a snow storm and you get by with wearing a LOT less clothes, but this kind of hot does affect how I run. Enough whining Harold, get back to the race.

After all the conditions – they are what they are.

I registered last Friday for the annual Friends on the 4th 5K race and never got all that worked up about it beforehand. I thought about it a couple of times, but didn’t loose any sleep over how I was gonna do or think about not going. I treated it more like just another Quarry Road race. 🙂

When I got there I quickly got my race packet and went back to the truck. Everything was well organized and people knew what they were doing. On the way back, I decided to move the truck, because the volunteer told he was going to park someone behind me. Also I was parked at the Funeral Home and given the past couple of weeks, that seemed a bit too dark or ominous for me. So I moved to a different parking lot and felt a lot better.

It was already in the 80’s at 7:00 AM, so I knew it was going to be a long day even though it was only a 5K. Originally, I had thought that I would go for something between 21:00 and 23:00 dependent on how the first mile went. While walking back down to the start area, I figured that something between 22:00 and 24:00 was much more realistic.

Then I went for a nice 1.25 warm-up run up the road to the turn-around. Even though that part of the race is pretty much in the shade, it was still hot. After getting back, I got to sit down for a few minutes and thought about my total lack of confidence in racing or even how I would feel after last week’s little episode. Especially in the predicted 90 plus degree heat for the race. So I made a final readjustment to what I would consider at successful race this morning – 23:00 to 25:00 minutes and not having to walk.

Okay enough of the pre-race crap.

I got fairly close to the start, it was a gun start, so even though it was chip timed, the time started when the gun went off. We went up the little hill and I went out very conservatively, while I passed a few people a lot more people were passing me. Just a little ways before the turn onto Main St, a young fella (about 16) was standing off to the side puking his guts out. Nasty.

I had seen him warming up pretty vigorously and primarily in the sunshine. He looked to be in pretty good shape, so that sort of wormed its way into my brain.

That is when I got to thinking about being very careful with the heat. Going down Main Street was no problems, but when I made the turn at the mile mark, well I also noticed the temperature sign and it said 93*F. Yech!!!

At that point I lost my mojo completely and seeing that temperature in red letters just deflated me, I knew it was hot, but when I actually saw how hot – I shut it down mentally and knew that I had.

The guy who finished second in my age group passed me here and I knew that he was passing me and I did not put up a fight – my brain had shut down any competitiveness and simply told me I was not going to run fast today. 93*F is subject to the terms of survival mode running, not racing mode.

Damn lizard brain.

I had moved to the running comfortably hard zone and wasn’t getting out of it.

I kept trying to speed up, because actually the body wasn’t feeling all that bad, but each time I did, the will to maintain the extra effort to keep going faster disappeared pretty quickly. The next couple of miles were the same, more people passed me and I didn’t even make any attempt to hold them off.

The last part a girl went by and I half-heartedly picked the pace back up and in any other race would have gone with her. Instead I just went fast enough to not get passed again.

I won’t complain a bit about my time 23:47 in this conditions and 62/358 participants really wasn’t that bad.

The body felt fine after I got done and I know that it could have gone quite a bit harder. However, the mental aspect of racing hard just wasn’t there today. After the last week’s issues and the hot weather, my confidence levels were pretty low, so I wasn’t surprised when my mind over-ruled what kind of effort was happening out there.

It was a nice confidence builder, because everything worked the way it was supposed to, nothing broke in the heat and I now know that the old body will hold up its end of the bargain again.

They organizers had a nice selection of fruit, bagels and water. The best part there was plenty of it. I know that the 5 slices of watermelon, grapes, a banana and a water were welcome after the run. That re-hydration thing.

Overall, the organizers did a great job throughout the entire race. There were plenty of volunteers to help direct you where to park and go. The registration lines were quick and efficient (very friendly). The race itself had plenty of police presence to give runners the right of way, volunteers were throughout the course and there were multiple hoses, water stations throughout the course – which for a 5K is very unusual. There were even a few spectators out there cheering – which was nice.

The Brooks Green Silence did everything I wanted during the race – in other words I didn’t think about them while the race was going on.

Now to get to work on the mental aspect of my running, do a bit more speed work and chase after a sub 22:00 time for a 5K, faster than that would be nice, but let’s do this in steps and get my confidence back up for racing hard versus running comfortably hard.

I got to see a few other runners that I know and gabbed for a bit with them. So that was nice. I left before the awards ceremony because we had to setup for a little family BBQ and introduce the pups to each this morning.

Bennie is not particularly good around other dogs, the SD2’s dogs are not particularly good around other dogs either. I figured it would be better if I was hanging on to Bennie’s leash during this process. It will take more than an afternoon to get them used to one another, but it will be good for them all.

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