Treadmilling and Milestone Footpod – RunLog 7-5-18

This morning was a bit uncomfortable outside, so I decided that safety and my personal health is more important than being tough as nails and ran on the treadmill. With high temps and higher humidity, I wilt like an old dandelion so it was for the best.

Bennie’s walks were quite short, he has enough common sense to get back inside to the air conditioned comfort of the house. Although he did stop to play in the doggie pool on the lawn.

Bennie drowning a horsefly that tried to bite him. 🙂

Plus I had enough hot weather running yesterday at the 5K Race in Winthrop and today was a recovery day/easy day.

So got on the treadmill, ran 3.0 miles, paused for a few seconds changed the playlist and did 2.0 more for my 5.0 for the day. The first 3.0 were at 7.0 mph, through 4.0 was at 7.1 mph and the last mile alternated between 7.2 and 8.8 mph for 0.1. Well at least until I got to 4.7 miles and I kept moving at 8.8 mph until 4.9 when I bumped things upta 9.0 mph.

Which meant that I did 4.0 miles easy and 1.0 mile with 3 strides and .3 mile, at race pace or a little quicker, which is about right for the type of training that I want to move towards.

Changing the playlist got the cadence up a little and then the last mile flew by with the songs I was listening to. My race playlist.

I think I might try listening to music for the 3K over at Quarry Road next Tuesday. I have never raced with music and those races are where I can experiment and if things don’t work out, I don’t get all wound up about it. 🙂

Also, I made a mistake and ordered the Milestone foot pod, when I got some sleeves for my Apple ear buds. Somehow they got placed in the active buy screen, when they were supposed to go to the wish list.

Oh well, it means I get to play it a bit earlier than I expected. Mary was even interested, so I might order her one, but it means that we will have to get her an iPhone to replace the flip phone she has had since 2009. I think it is time, but we still have to convince her.

The rest of the day was not one to be outside unless you had to. It was pretty hot and miserable, so I hid in the house. However, we figured that we needed to go to the bank and Tractor Supply, which meant a trip up to Waterville this afternoon. No biggie, but damn it was hot.

Also with this kind of heat the gardens get watered 3-4 times a day, so I still got outside and played with the hose a little.

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