Surprise – I Ran 10.0 Miles – RunLog 7-7-18

I was scheduled to do a 10 mile long run this morning, but I wasn’t feeling all that great about it, but I decided that I would go into Waterville to run, just because there are a lot more course options and I could start out, then figure it out from there. Initially, I thought about doing 7.0 up around Colby – it seems about right for how I was feeling.

The temps when I started were in the 70’s, a nice breeze and low humidity – actually a pretty nice way to start out.

Once I got going, I felt a little better and focused on attempting to run with a higher cadence and getting my feet off the ground a bit quicker. When I got over by the drug store, I suddenly decided to do my 10 mile Winslow loop and crossed 4 lanes of traffic on JFK. Luckily no one was coming in either direction. I have a feeling that if traffic had been its normal busy self, I would not have gotten in the 10 this morning, but things worked out traffic wise.

I did take a couple of photos on the bridge looking out over the Kennebec. It is one of those views that we don’t really stop and appreciate all that much when driving across it at 40-50 mph. Continue reading “Surprise – I Ran 10.0 Miles – RunLog 7-7-18”

A Look At The Future and Still Learning

I learned a lot at this week’s 5K Race over in Winthrop. Probably most of it is not news to a lot of runners out there, but it does show that even after 40 years of running that I still have a lot to learn or sometimes remember old lessons that have been forgotten.


Despite all the words, claims and comments to the contrary. Many of us middle of the pack runners, who claim that we are not racing against other runners – just ourselves or the way we used to be, showed a different side – again. Where we place in relation to the other runners in a race, still seems to be pretty important to us. That is, if the number of runners I saw beside me and their comments at the results tent, while we looking to see where we placed and who finished ahead and behind us is any indication. I know that I looked. Continue reading “A Look At The Future and Still Learning”