Surprise – I Ran 10.0 Miles – RunLog 7-7-18

I was scheduled to do a 10 mile long run this morning, but I wasn’t feeling all that great about it, but I decided that I would go into Waterville to run, just because there are a lot more course options and I could start out, then figure it out from there. Initially, I thought about doing 7.0 up around Colby – it seems about right for how I was feeling.

The temps when I started were in the 70’s, a nice breeze and low humidity – actually a pretty nice way to start out.

Once I got going, I felt a little better and focused on attempting to run with a higher cadence and getting my feet off the ground a bit quicker. When I got over by the drug store, I suddenly decided to do my 10 mile Winslow loop and crossed 4 lanes of traffic on JFK. Luckily no one was coming in either direction. I have a feeling that if traffic had been its normal busy self, I would not have gotten in the 10 this morning, but things worked out traffic wise.

I did take a couple of photos on the bridge looking out over the Kennebec. It is one of those views that we don’t really stop and appreciate all that much when driving across it at 40-50 mph.

Unfortunately, once I got on the by-pass into Winslow, there was no shade and the sun started to bake a little more. It would catch up to me later. The only part of this route that I dislike is the main drag in Winslow through to the Catholic Church on Silver Street. The sidewalks kind of sorta suck and you have to be pretty aware of you how/where you put your feet on the tar.

Once I got off the sidewalk and in the break down lanes, it wasn’t nearly as bad. Unfortunately, by then I was running out of gas, the strong sun fields had done a number and I was getting just plain-old tired. Then I had to go uphill pretty much the last 2.0 miles. You don’t notice how much uphill it is until you look at the graph and it is more than I thought and going uphill along with everything else – yeah I slowed down quite a bit over the last 2.0 miles.

However, I will not complain a bit about this run, I did more than I expected and the time was sub 9:00 minute pace overall – which isn’t too bad on a warm-day.

I ran in my GRR7’s and my feet never felt uncomfortable or better yet, they felt good the entire run. There is just something about them that works well with how I run. I don’t seem to beat myself up too much while I am wearing them and the feet feel good. I am not going to complain.

The Milestone app showed that I am heel striking all the time, that the slower I ran the longer my feet stay on the ground and I still am not really lifting my legs high enough or should I say extending my legs through all the way and that I did not do as well on their metrics on this long run, as I did on the shorter runs yesterday.

I am not sure if how they measure their metrics, is alway better way to run or more efficient, especially for a slower runner like me. Sometimes running metric result seem to depend more on what you are attempting to accomplish during a particular training session or run.

When I run recovery or easy runs, I know that I run differently than when I run faster. My running form at faster speeds is much more efficient – it has to be and yes, I probably get lazy and have bad habits creep into my form on slower paced runs. Maybe that is what I can use the metrics it giving me – to not be as lazy and focus more on the little things all the time. We will see.

So while the metrics are interesting, unless you use it for similar types runs the data in my opinion would be flawed and not quite as meaningful. I really think from what I am seeing after only three runs, that the MilestonePod/App might be better suited for me only when I am running races or doing speed work.

I plan to keep using them with my long/recovery run shoes for now, but I question if that is best use for this device. It does give me something to think about though.

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