Quarry Road 3K Trail Race Recap – 7-10-18

Tuesday night pretty much means heading over to Quarry Road, getting my head handed to me by the course and then smiling, laughing and commiserating with the other runners.

In other words a good time was had by all.

Although I was wondering about the weather for tonight’s run, going by Fred’s Coffee, it read 93*F = it sucks. It cooled off a bit between then and when the race started but it was still in the mid 80’s and did get me about halfway through the race.

Up north, I understand they got a bit of a storm from these clouds, but we lucked out and the race went off as planned.

I am a participant in a study going on over at Colby by Professor Millard, in other words I am a guinea pig :-). For the second time I gave blood, spit (before and after the race) and chewed 2 pieces of gum. Lots of fun. The gum tasted nasty, so I have a feeling it was the real thing, not the placebo.

Then I warmed-up by running over a mile. I don’t think that I really needed warm-up all that much with the weather, but it stretched the legs out a bit. I even did a few strides before the race. I really wanted to do well tonight and thought they might have me more ready to go when the horn sounded.

That part went according to plan. I started out great, went through the snowshoe trail by the river without any issues and even did well getting to the first hill on the trail. However, just after the first mile, the bumps caught up with me and the “little” bumps started to kick my butt.

I held off my nemesis Julie M until we got past the power line on the way back and then she flew by me and I just didn’t have the mental capacity to go with her. I did try to pick up the cadence to get my pace up a little, but the bumps had taken their toll on me and I just kept slogging along.

Even so I kept Julie in sight and for the first time this year watched her finish. So I am gaining slowly but surely. She fights to stay ahead of me and I am working my arse off to finish ahead of her. It is good and friendly competition, but she is up 4-0 this year, so it ain’t really much of a competition, more like an ass whooping from point of view. However, I will keep working – I am getting closer.

I also did improve my time from the first 3K by 30 seconds, so that is progress. It does help that the hamstring is fine now and I am getting confidence back in my ability to run hard now that some of the medical issues have calmed back down. Now to actually run harder – at least that is the plan.

Quarry Road Trails are not that bad as trails go, but all those damn little bumps on the 3K course, just take it right out of my legs and get the old heart into red line way too soon. I think I am going to start going over there and doing 3K speedwork repeats on this course, just to strengthen the old brain and legs.

Sometimes I think the problems I have with the bumps trail is more in my head than my legs. Only way I know to cure it, is to go out and over dose running on the damn thing over the next month or so. It will either kill me or cure me of being afraid to run hard on the damn thing.

I used the Nike Wildhorse OG’s for the first time in a race – no issues – they will be on my feet going forward for any trail work that I do this year. That was the good news.

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