Middle Road and Strides – RunLog 7-11-18

After last night’s trail race, I needed a fairly easy day. I know the pace and stuff was not all that impressive for a race, but I know that I worked hard and that the olde body was feeling it.

Bennie’s long walk was pretty uneventful…well other than the 30-40 horseflies that were pulverized by Mary and I, then made a part of the dirt road down-back. Yeah, they were pretty nasty and numerous this morning, but we got the walk in and battled our way back.

Since the humidity levels were still pretty reasonable after the Bean’s walk and the temps were only in the mid 70’s, it actually was feeling pretty good – weather-size. I decided that the 5.0 miles around Middle Road were in order. Ever since I did that hamstring thing back in May, I have been a bit meechy about running this course. However, everything has healed up and I wasn’t planning on doing any fast paces, so I figured it was a great day for it.

I started out pretty slowly, but the paces kept creeping up during the first couple of miles, before I got back to what I was supposed to do – run slower today. Once I hit the Middle Road, it did become a bit of an oven and I baked nicely, which definitely helped me slow down, in addition to the hills that I got to play on. The nice little breeze that had been blowing disappeared and the only breeze was when the dump trucks flew by, a bit too often.

Somewhere down on Blake, I got this bright idea that I wanted to do some strides after I got in my 5.0 miles. I really want to improve my times over at Quarry Road, which means that I have to do the work to get faster, but not do so much that I screw something up, so that I can’t run.

Hard Hills is/are the answer to doing better there.

I haven’t really done any harder/faster running this year – the kind of stuff where I push myself into the well a ways. One of the things that I have to do is get used to the feeling of being uncomfortable, not just the comfortably hard paces that I have been doing, but the uncomfortable stuff that hurts to do it. Once I get to doing this kind of running, I always feel better about my running. I guess it goes back to the olde days when that is what you did to get faster.

I am pretty sure that I have enough of a base to do what I want between now and November, now to get faster, since I have decided that my race pace is something a lot quicker than marathon race pace. 🙂

The strides were tough, not so much on the body, more mentally. I had decided that I was going to do 5.0 and then to add more on, took the brain a little to figure out that it was going to have to do more and do it faster than it was used to. Actually, I have been running faster than the first four strides that I did, I wanted to get the body stretched out before I gave it a decent effort. Finally on the fifth stride, things finally began to click and the body/mind connected and remembered how to get my arse moving faster.

A pretty nice recovery run, once I got tired enough to slow down to recovery pace and then sped back up and did one quality stride out of five. The strides thing has to become a more regular part of my routine, if I want to run faster going forward.

Now tomorrow could be a tough run if things work out the way that I think they will shake out, we will see, but I can see a few “bumps” in my planned speedwork this week.

Yeah, I am smiling now, but I won’t be when they are done I have a feeling. Well maybe a brief grimace that looks like a smile. Anyone want to join me for some longer speedwork at Quarry Road about 10:00 tomorrow morning? It will be funny to see me staggering around during and after the run. Hehehehe

If anyone is interested I will be at the lower parking lot (the original one) at Quarry Road at around 10:00. If not that selfie picture is going to be bad I have a feeling.

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