7.0 At a Decent Pace – RunLog 7-14-18

At some point this morning, my planned easy 5.0 miler, became one of those runs where I picked up the pace a lot more than I have been lately. I still am not running all that often at what I would like to think of my 5K race, but I am running faster than what I thought I would. I am getting closer to half marathon pace, just not quite there. Progress is being made, but it is slow progress. 🙂

Getting back to this morning’s run…

I started out a nice pace that I was pretty sure I could hold for the 5.0 miles. However, I did something stoopid, I had put in my ear buds and by the end of the first mile, without realizing it, I fell into the beat of the music and by the time I hit mile 2, I was going along a lot faster than I had planned.

About that same time, one of my race pace songs came on and I was feeling pretty good, so I just went with it. It lasted until I got to Goodhue and I was feeling really good, so I stopped long enough to play the song again. Yeah, it does help me run faster.

Which meant that I kept up a decent pace through 5.0 miles, then I purposely began to slow down. I am not in good enough shape yet to maintain that pace for an entire 7.0 miler, but even so I managed to get the best 10K time I have had in a while.

Coming back up Stevens Hill, the music betrayed me and instead of having that wonderful beat, it went to something that didn’t help. Yeah, I slowed down quite a bit right there. Then once I got to the tar I did pick the pace back up a little to the finish. Teach me to rely too much on music to keep the pace moving quickly.

I would love to say that I felt great after the run. Instead I will be truthful, I felt like shite and according to Mary I looked worse than that. I didn’t think that I had gone that deep into the well, but it seems that I dug a little deeper than I have been lately. Well other than that trail speedwork that I did Thursday. It took about 15 minutes and a can of Coconut water to get back to normal.

A really good workout and one that showed me that I can push the olde body fairly hard. The confidence is coming back, now to get the body back in shape to do better. I have a feeling that music will help with that more than a little.

Oh yeah, I ran in the Peg 33’s and they surprised me more than a little, especially when I picked up the pace. The best part is that they didn’t bother my feet at all during the run. This is the longest run that I have done in them so far and they did great.

A good day’s work.

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