First Run Nike Speed Rival 6 – RunLog 7-15-18

Another pair of new to me shoes, this time courtesy of eBay for a price I couldn’t resist. Did I really need a pair of race day shoes? Ummmm actually yeah.

While I love the Green Silence and have been using for that purpose, I can feel that they are a bit long in the tooth and don’t have the “pop” that my newer shoes have. While I don’t have that many miles on them, the midsole does feel pretty lifeless and I need every little edge I can get. So I had been sort of looking at what would be a nice race day shoe for me going forward.

Since I don’t see a pair of Nike Vapor Fly 4% in my rotation anytime soon, I needed to find something else.

I had read some pretty good reviews of about the Speed Rival 6’s and that they had a wider forefoot, which is unusual in a “racing” shoe. While I hadn’t purposely been looking specifically for them, when I was wandering around eBay last week and came on these. I figured why not put in a minimum bid and see what happened. Especially, since the seller said they had only about 5 miles on them.

I won.

When I got them in, they looked like new and only weighed 7.0 ounces.

Walking around in them the heel felt a little loose and I knew that I was going to have to play with the lacing to get the right feel with them. Also I will be honest, for a pair of Nikes (a company that prides itself on the great looks of its shoes), when I look down at them – they just look fugly. They look like some of the vintage shoes from the 70’s or 80’s with how the toe comes to a point from both sides, which is not always a good thing.

However, I didn’t get them to be a fashionista statement, I got them to run fast for me in. They passed the walk in them test, so even though I had a tough run yesterday and today is supposed to be a rest/easy day, I still wanted to run in them. Which meant that even though I kept telling myself that I would only run easy in them, I was fairly certain that I would probably end up running faster than a recovery pace.

I did have to work with the lacing a little. First thing was to get rid of blue laces on blue uppers and then to get the lacing so they felt “right”.

The first mile was to get to know the Rival 6’s better. They do have a different feel to them than other shoes I run in, but in a good way. As I got more used to the fit/feel the more I felt like I could up the pace at about the same effort.

Nothing 5K race pace, but a lot quicker than I have been lately to say the least.

My first thoughts about how the Rival 6’s performed was that they are:

  • First and foremost – smooth. I land heel first and these performed exceptionally for this old heel striker. It was a nice feel on the landing and roll through to toe-off was one of the best I have felt in a while.
  • Quiet – there was not any slapping and the Rivals were very quiet, especially with a full-length outsole.
  • Comfortable – No issues with how the shoes felt while running. The toe box felt fine and I didn’t notice any heel slippage.
  • Traction – No issues – that pentagon shaped lugs on the full outsole will be very interesting to see how they wear over the miles.

I ran well in them and yes, it was a bit faster than recovery pace.

Since I got the Rival 6’s to run faster in and the Milestone app seems to be suited better to see how I am doing running at faster paces than for daily training runs. As you can see the Rivals let me run quite efficiently compared to what I had done previously.

The 100% heel strike doesn’t surprise me, because I have been very consistent with the Milestone pod with that number. Also even though I was running faster than usual my rate of impact stayed at 100%, so that was good. My ground contact time was a lot lower than usual, which I attribute more to going faster than anything – the faster you run, the less time you stay on the ground.

My biggest surprise was that my leg swing went from my usual 100% in the mid range to 100% in the high range – a good thing, but something I hadn’t come close to accomplishing in the other shoes I had the Milestone Pod on.

Overall, I was very happy with my first run in the Nike Speed Rival 6 and if they continue to impress me in this manner, they will be a great shoe for me.

Even so I still think they are butt ugly when I look down at them and you know something, I really don’t care. They run well.

Yeah, I don’t seem me doing too many recovery runs in the Nike Speed Rival 6’s.

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