Easy Run and Getting the Kayaks Out – RunLog 7-16-18

Today was a planned easy 45:00 minute run, did you notice a difference there? No miles, just a time, the miles will take care of themselves. I have decided to go for faster for me 5K’s and maybe even a 10K as I get back in some semblance of shape.

I know that when I have a mileage plan to follow, I tend to get fixated on getting in at least that amount of mileage during a run. Then when you add in a certain pace that you are supposed to maintain for that distance or a part of it – well I tend to get tunnel vision.

Especially on the hard days.

So I have chosen a plan by Coach Christie that is based more on time and time range with words like easy, moderate, conversational, hard — to describe how fast or the effort level for a particular workout. Which makes me rely more on how I feel than a particular pace. While I might not improve as fast or even get as fast as I might on some other plans, but I have a feeling that I also will be healthier going forward and know my pacing better this way.

I want to run more consistently and going more by those effort levels versus a particular pace on a certain day – just makes more sense to me at this point in my running. There are just too many variables that are a part of running from day-to-day to have it become a rote thing. I need to feel the joy of running more than the pain.

So the 45:00 minute easy run that was part of the plan today was pretty basic. Get out the door, don’t push the pace and get back to the house comfortably.

Since I have gone to pretty much a three shoe rotation, the shoe choice was easy – Pegasus 33 Shield, while a bit warm in the humid conditions, they are not as bad as I thought they would be. The did everything that I wanted during the run.

I decided to head out towards Notta Road, which would be around a 45:00 minute run. I ran comfortably and worked on keeping my feet point forward and running tall. No music, just the tap, tap, tap of the Pegasus touching down and my breathing to cue me into how I was feeling.

As I got closer to Notta Road, I really didn’t feel like stopping and kept going down to the Tiffany 10K turn-around. I know – I am not good at following plans, but I figured another 15-20 minutes wasn’t going to hurt anything. Especially, since I was running comfortably and feeling pretty darn good.

I made it to the turn around and didn’t second guess my decision at all.

Everything felt good. Going back is more uphill and I did increase the effort a little to maintain a steadier pace up the bumps and Stevens Hill. I managed to keep it pretty decent, so I was very happy with that.

Also something I am attempting to add into runs 3-4 times a week are some strides at the end of my easier runs. The strides are initially the distance between a set of telephone poles in front of the house and after I feel like the legs have loosened up a bit, move up to two telephone poles. Nothing super hard, but get it up to faster pace and hold it for a bit. Eventually when the body has figured out how to run fast again, maybe add in a couple of hard sprints to the mix.

The olde legs need to stretch out and I am finding that the strides are helping, especially with keeping the old man shuffle that I was doing more and more – at bay. I guess that is why they call them “strides”.

Today I did two sets of the single telephone pole at a comfortable pace, then two more at a bit harder pace, but two poles. The last one, I did pick up the pace a little more, but nothing stoopid.

A pretty nice workout and one that was comfortable until the last three strides. Plus it was a bit humid and I might have sweat just wee bit.

When I got done, I took off my t-shirt and wrung it out. However, when I showed that pale skin to the world, I think that the sudden reflection off the old body scared off all the wildlife in the County.

Then this afternoon, we got out the kayaks out and went for a short excursion over on Messalonskee Lake. I can’t remember the last time that I was in my kayak and it was just nice to be out on the water again.

I am sure that the shoulders and arms will remind me that I am not used of this kind of cross training in the morning, but tonight I am feeling pretty good.

4 thoughts on “Easy Run and Getting the Kayaks Out – RunLog 7-16-18

  1. We love kayaking and get out every year … we were going to finally buy a tandem this year, but our vacation cottage has a couple – so we are waiting for a good sale or next year 🙂

    1. We bought these in 2007, but when we got Bennie stopped using them as much. Then life got in the way. Now we are attempting to make time for the stuff we love too. Don’t wait past the fall getting one, it will be much pricier I have a feeling next year. I have a feeling after the midterms inflation is going to really hit hard.

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