Easy 4.0 Mile Recovery Run – RunLog 7-18-18

This morning was a much needed recovery run, yesterday’s track workout left me a little listless and just a bit sore in the legs. It was a good sore and the listlessness was more a result of not being used to running fast that it took more out of me than I thought it would.

Today’s plan was for an easy 30 minutes, so I figured that running 4.0 mile courses to either Wildwood or the Town Office would be just about right.

I have been doing my semi-annual weeding though my old shoes this morning to see what needs to go away. At the last minute I decided to run in my old Newton Gravity 3’s, I have over 200 miles on them and liked them a lot last winter, but stopped running in them outside, because the POP1 pod was too much for my forefoot and bothered me after 3-4 miles.

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