Back to Double-Digits – RunLog 7-19-18

This morning, well the entire day was a glorious summer day, with low humidity, temps in the high 70’s/low 80’s, a bit of breeze and bright sunshine all day. So of course around 10:00 AM, I decided that it was time for my long run.

We are doing doggie day care for SD2’s 2 older dogs and Bennie after eight years of being the only dog in the house is learning to share it with those two dogs. It has been better than we thought, but her Karma and Bennie are both “last word” dogs and need to have the last bark. So when I left (Mary kicked me out) for my run, they had been barking pretty much for a couple of hours.

I needed the peace and quiet to say the least. 🙂

It was more than five degrees warmer in Waterville, which put the temps pretty much in the 80’s, which even with low humidity is still pretty warm for a long run.

Which meant that I started out slow and got slower.

I really didn’t feel like the Winslow Loop, not a lot of shade and I have done it a few times already this summer. So I figured I would try to find shade and see where it took me. Silver Street wasn’t too bad (if I had been on the other side), but in back of the Alfond Youth Center was pretty nice (plus there are porta-potties out there) and County Road wasn’t bad.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten how much of hill County Road is and then you have to climb all the way past Colby. That did slow me down a bit.

Actually, the run wasn’t that bad, I didn’t attempt to break any speed records, I just kept plugging along to the end. Although I was glad that I brought water along with me, it was a very necessary thing this morning.

This was my first long run in the Peg33 Shields and they did fine. I might have liked a little more Cush in the forefoot towards the end, but I didn’t have any issues with the shoes. Well, the feet got a little warm too, but I kind of expected that in 80*F temps and the shield water resistant coating on the outside.

No biggie, but it was rather noticeable. I have a feeling that the will be great in the colder weather, but in the warmer stuff I probably should look to see if I can find another pair of Peg 33’s or 34’s to finish out the summer on eBay.

I am actually pretty happy with the rotation I have right now

  • Trails – Nike Wildhorse OG
  • Easy/Long – Nike Pegasus 33 Shield
  • Fast stuff – Nike Speed Rival 6

Yep, all Nike stuff and it seems to be working pretty good for me so far.

Oh yeah, the Newton Gravity 3’s that I wore yesterday…well after sleeping on it, I decided that the way my forefoot felt, is the same as it did in the past and reading a few of my treadmill workouts from last winter that when I was running in them, it was more endure than enjoy the running. So they have been added to the go away pile in the back of the garage.

Too bad, but if I could make a hybrid shoe from the GRR7’s sole unit and the Gravity 3 upper, I would have a great shoe. Alas it is not to be and both will find new homes.

My long run was just a get it done run, with the highlight being getting to the finish line and being able to stop running.