Week in Review – 7-22-18

Last week was pretty good, I had over 40 miles running, a decent track workout, an 11.0 mile long run and a nice tempoish run. I also got my running shoe rotation pretty much figured out going forward, so those are all really good things this week.

I have noticed that I am starting to get a bit tired and cranky, so I think that this week I might cut-back a little. Just something to think more about the quality rest days.

I am going to try something different with my week in review, so bear with me as I experiment a little.

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Going Faster and Inland Trails – RunLog 7-21-18

Yesterday’s run was close to tempo pace for me and it felt pretty darn good. When I put on the Nike Speed Rival 6’s, I knew that I would probably run faster than usual, but I was not expected it to feel as good as it did.

I started out pretty quickly and then picked up speed as I went down the hill. When I got down on Shepard, I didn’t pickup the pace, but just seemed to keep slowing down a little more – kind of like air escaping from a balloon- you don’t notice how much you are loosing until you find yourself kind of flat. It wasn’t that I was feeling bad or anything it was more that I just didn’t have the focus to run that hard/fast yesterday.

Although I was still running well, I never got out of the comfortably hard zone, which is probably about right for what I wanted to accomplish.

When I got down to the end of Pepin, I saw that they have extended the road about another 1/4 mile and that it goes up a little bump to get to the end now. Which is a pain to go up and kind of nice to come back down.

So of course I had to go see what things looked like and see how I could add it to my test course. I am not a fan of the bump and while the road is still dirt, even when it is tar I think that I will keep the old test course in place. Continue reading “Going Faster and Inland Trails – RunLog 7-21-18”