Going Faster and Inland Trails – RunLog 7-21-18

Yesterday’s run was close to tempo pace for me and it felt pretty darn good. When I put on the Nike Speed Rival 6’s, I knew that I would probably run faster than usual, but I was not expected it to feel as good as it did.

I started out pretty quickly and then picked up speed as I went down the hill. When I got down on Shepard, I didn’t pickup the pace, but just seemed to keep slowing down a little more – kind of like air escaping from a balloon- you don’t notice how much you are loosing until you find yourself kind of flat. It wasn’t that I was feeling bad or anything it was more that I just didn’t have the focus to run that hard/fast yesterday.

Although I was still running well, I never got out of the comfortably hard zone, which is probably about right for what I wanted to accomplish.

When I got down to the end of Pepin, I saw that they have extended the road about another 1/4 mile and that it goes up a little bump to get to the end now. Which is a pain to go up and kind of nice to come back down.

So of course I had to go see what things looked like and see how I could add it to my test course. I am not a fan of the bump and while the road is still dirt, even when it is tar I think that I will keep the old test course in place.

Going back is mostly uphill and while I did fairly well compared to other times, the big hill still kicked my butt – what else is new :-). However, instead of going around HC I just went straight and the 4.0 mile mark was at the last telephone pole (about halfway down Stevens Hill). Which made the last quarter a look a little faster than it really was.

I have zero complaints about running in the Rival 6’s they are comfortable, provide just the right pop for me, are quiet, don’t collect rocks and I run well in them. What more can you ask of a pair of go faster for me shoes?

Overall a pretty nice run that showed me on a flatter course, I will be fine. No, I won’t break any speed records, but I will get to the finish line with a smile on my face (once I get to breathing again) :-).

After lunch and a nap, I was gonna do some yard work, but when I started to get ready, Bennie had such a pitiful look on his face about me heading outside that that spontaneously decided to go on an adventure with him.

We went over to the trails behind Inland Hospital and wandered around out there for about an hour and half. No rushing, just puttering along and enjoying being outside. It was nice.

Which meant that when we got home I had a tired, but happy Bennie Bean.

Now to get me, out this little funk I have been in for about a week. I am running well, but am tired of being tired. We have been on screech for over a year and are either working around the house or just doing stuff. I just need a few days to go sit in the woods or beach and recharge the brain – unplug things for a while. Then I will get back to the usual me who just does what needs to be done, with a silly grin on the old noggin and lets crap slide on by without it bothering too much.

Yeah being in a funk is so much fun – nope. Time to get out and get back to having fun again. 🙂

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