Week in Review – 7-22-18

Last week was pretty good, I had over 40 miles running, a decent track workout, an 11.0 mile long run and a nice tempoish run. I also got my running shoe rotation pretty much figured out going forward, so those are all really good things this week.

I have noticed that I am starting to get a bit tired and cranky, so I think that this week I might cut-back a little. Just something to think more about the quality rest days.

I am going to try something different with my week in review, so bear with me as I experiment a little.

One thing that I have sort of started doing again is, a written log and while it seems to duplicate a lot of what I do with my blog, it seems to be the direction I am headed back towards. I can see the blogging becoming less of a daily routine and more for when I do something more interesting than just an old fart going out for his daily run.

I still will keep my spreadsheet though, it is the easy way to manipulate data and I can change it to meet my current needs, without worrying about someone else needing to do anything. It is all on me.

Probably I will save the blog for more interesting workouts or races and then have a weekly update for those of you who are interested. Otherwise you can follow me on Strava to get an idea of what I am doing.

A nice week and now to get back to it.

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