Lawrence Track, Memories, Yesterday and Misc – RunLog 7-24-18

Yes, I ran yesterday, an easy 10K up to the cornfields on Tiffany Road and with 100% humidity it felt and looked like I had gone swimming instead of running when I got done. In other words a pretty typical summer run, but thankfully up heah in Maine we don’t get too many days like this.

Today, was more 100% humidity – almost misting and I had a planned track workout that I knew was going to feel a bit like swimming. I had to go up to Winslow, so I scooted over to the Lawrence H.S. Track.

Having been a Special Education Teacher at the Junior High for a couple of years, I have more than a few memories on that track, walked around it countless times and good/bad memories of what went on inside the buildings. It brought back a lot of emotions and memories of people I worked with and students I was there for, but it also reinforced why I left teaching when I did. Continue reading “Lawrence Track, Memories, Yesterday and Misc – RunLog 7-24-18”