Lawrence Track, Memories, Yesterday and Misc – RunLog 7-24-18

Yes, I ran yesterday, an easy 10K up to the cornfields on Tiffany Road and with 100% humidity it felt and looked like I had gone swimming instead of running when I got done. In other words a pretty typical summer run, but thankfully up heah in Maine we don’t get too many days like this.

Today, was more 100% humidity – almost misting and I had a planned track workout that I knew was going to feel a bit like swimming. I had to go up to Winslow, so I scooted over to the Lawrence H.S. Track.

Having been a Special Education Teacher at the Junior High for a couple of years, I have more than a few memories on that track, walked around it countless times and good/bad memories of what went on inside the buildings. It brought back a lot of emotions and memories of people I worked with and students I was there for, but it also reinforced why I left teaching when I did.

This morning I was going to do:

  • 1.0 Mile warm-up
  • 5 x 400 at hard effort
  • 5 x 200 at hard effort
  • Then run 2.0 miles of the old Joseph’s 5K course to cool down

Well it didn’t quite work out that way, sometimes you have to be flexible and go with what the body and weather allows. By the way did I tell you it was hot and humid this morning – yeah I think I did.

I would be very happy with anything below 7:00 minute pace, which is faster than I have run a 5K in, in a while.

  • 1.0 mile warm-up – got that – not fast but not super slow either.
  • 6 x 400 at fairly hard effort. None of them were consistently hard effort, I constantly had to push myself to keep it out of the comfortably hard level. I did the one extra to see if I could dig a little deeper and wished that I had only done the 200, that last 400 sucked and I didn’t have the heart to push the pace any harder today.
  • 4 x 200 at fairly hard effort. By this time I was sucking air pretty hard and the recovery between repeats was becoming longer.
  • 1.0 mile cool-down – I knew that I didn’t have enough left in the tank to do much more than stagger around the track four more times and call it a day. Any plans of heading out on the old 5K course, well I threw the out the window.

It would have really helped to have had someone there to help push me to be more consistent in my effort levels, but at the same time it is probably just as well that I didn’t have anyone to push me – I felt enough like shite after I got done with the amount of work that I did all by myself. I would hate to think about how I would have felt if I had someone to compete with – to keep me honest.

Probably would of ended up in the fetal position in the back corner, cleaning puke and stuff off the old body, once I could move. Hehehehe

After lunch and a quick nap with Bennie & Elliott, I went to my bi-weekly acupuncture appointment and got lots of needles stuck in the body. During the meditation time while laying there, the cat got in my lap and went to sleep for the rest of the appointment. Guess I was pretty relaxed for the cat to stay there for almost 45 minutes.

When I left, I had thought about an easy 3.0 on the Rail Trail, I even got as far as going down there and parked. When I got out of the truck, the humidity hit me upside of the head and the body told me in no uncertain terms that I had done enough earlier and to not even think about subjecting it to more abuse in that kind of weather.

So I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a quick look at the Nike Pegasus 35’s, which I have had my eye on since they came out earlier this year. The 8.5’s felt a little long and the 8.0’s well let’s just say that they fit like running shoes are supposed to fit. Not too long, not too tight in the toe box, comfortable through the laces and no heel slop. Although I can see a bit of the big toe raising up the fabric a little if I look closely.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where the Peg 35’s will fit in with my needs.

They are too fast feeling to be a good recovery/long slow run shoe for this old fart and too much shoe to be my primary go fast shoe – the Rival 6’s are a better choice. I had it on the other foot when I tried on the Peg 35’s and did my track workout in them this morning.

So the Pegasus 35 are what I consider to be more a tweener shoe that I have better choices on either end to use. It is a really a good thing that I learned all this, because I really wanted a pair of the 35’s and last night came within a few seconds of having a pair from eBay. So it is a good thing that I lost the bid.

No, I need a pair of recovery/long slow run shoes – not another pair of running shoes that will encourage me to run too fast on those days. My present Peg 33’s already do that pretty well.

So I had a really good track workout and learned that a pair of running shoes that I really wanted, didn’t really have a good place in my running shoe rotation at this point in my life. Along with an acupuncture appointment that seemed to help with some of the little niggles going on – a pretty damn good day.

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