Fast, Long, Recovery, Trail, Tweener – What Are Your Shoes?

Yesterday afternoon when I looked at the Pegasus 35’s, it really got me to thinking about how they would actually fit in my current running shoe rotation. After thinking about it overnight – I know that right now they wouldn’t have a fit anymore than the Pegasus 33’s that I am using more than I should.

I really do not need another pair of go faster than I should – super-duper daily trainers. What I really is a pair of daily trainers that are comfortable to run longer distances, easy and recovery runs. So I am glad that I didn’t have Bennie buy me a pair for my birthday – it is not what I need, they are more an example of Harold being Harold and getting something that I want.

Whew, got by that running shoe crisis – just barely. 🙂


It seems that as I pass through different stages in my running (that getting to be an old fart thing), that the way that I look at running shoes also changes. Over the past six years I have worn a lot of running shoes, written a LOT of words about those running shoes and am finally starting to figure out how I need to use my running shoes.

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