Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – 50 Plus Mile Review

Now this review is just for continuity purposes, since the Pegasus 35 and Turbo models have already been released. I have a feeling that not too many people are going to be very interested in reading about a model that was released two models ago. 🙂

If you are – read on.

I got these at our local Mardens (a close out store) earlier this summer when I was wandering around in there and couldn’t resist the price point they were at. I certainly didn’t need them at the time, although the Shield technology intrigued me as well.

After almost 80 miles in the Nike Pegusus 33 Shield model, they have been the pleasant surprise of the summer for me.

They have turned into my go to running shoe for long runs, recovery, easy and even a trail race 8K over at Quarry Road. This despite them being more of a Swiss Army Knife or what I call a “tweener” running shoe.

They are a little too heavy to be my race day or speed work shoes, but if I had to use them for faster running, I could probably do well enough that I wouldn’t be too disappointed. At the same time the forefoot cushioning is a little lacking for me once I get into the double-digit mileage range and my feet begin to bother a little at that point.

However, for runs between 3.0 and 7.0 miles the Pegasus 33’s have done everything I asked of them.

That and while the Shield technology does keep your feet drier, but…well lets just say if you walk on wood floors with your socks on after the running in the rain or wet conditions your feet will still leave nice footprints. It is more water resistant then water proof, which is nice when running or walking through wet grass, but not so much in a heavier rain. Plus you have that huge hole in the top of the shoe to get your foot in that doesn’t help keep the rain/wet out either. 😉

Speaking of leaving footprints behind, after running in the Pegasus 33 Shield on a hot summer day – you will. They do not breath all that well and after a while if the conditions are warm/muggy my feet get that yech feeling from sweating too much and when I walk around the house, the wife can trail me pretty easily.

Thankfully, even though my feet sweated a lot, I did not experience any issues with blisters while running in the Peg 33S. However, I felt that I did have to take them off after a summer run and wear something else pretty quickly to avoid swamp foot. Although there is a certain aroma and green cloud emanating from that big hole in the top where you have to hold your nose a little more than usual before I put them on.

I am impressed with the fit and feel of the Pegasus 33S in an 8.5 U.S. men’s. While I am pretty sure that it uses the same last as the regular Pegasus 33, it seems to fit my feet better than the regular Peg 33’s that I tried on several times in the same size and passed on purchasing each time, because they felt too tight in the toe box. Not sure of what happened there, but these just felt better on my feet.

My Pegasus 33S feel great in the toe box and to get a good fit in the heel cup, I did have to lace through to the final lace hole. I found that the heel lock lacing was a bit too much on the top of my foot, but what I am using now the tongue has enough padding to protect things. The other things is that I have not experienced the heel cup wearing through of the padding on my left shoe, like I have in other shoes this spring and summer – a very good thing.

When running in them the heel-to-toe transition is smooth and quiet. No slapping or hitches in my gait cycle from the shoes.

Although when walking in them there is a certain crinkling/popping sound from the midsole/upper with each step. It is almost as though one of the air bags has something going on in the right forefoot or the upper Shield tech (film) is noisier.

However, when I run, I don’t notice this and when I press down on the midsole there isn’t any noise or give that shouldn’t be there. One of those great mysteries that probably will never be solved. 🙂

The outsole is a good multipurpose outsole that I don’t hesitate to take on the moderate trails that I run on in the local area. Although going downhill on a slimy, muddy, damp or wet grassy section is an adventure and I have to slow down a lot to make sure that I don’t sit down. The heel area of the outsole is pretty smooth on the outside.

While the outsole does collect a few pebbles, but they haven’t bothered during a run at all. I didn’t even notice that I had the larger pebbles in the outsole until I took the photo this morning.

There is no noticeable wear on the outsole and I can see it lasting far beyond when I stop running in the Pegasus 33S and they become walking shoes.

I was impressed enough with the Pegasus 33 that I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of the Pegasus 35’s for my birthday, but the next shoes that I get need to be more of a specific long run/recovery run type shoe and I can see me running way too fast in them for that purpose. However, it did put the Pegasus shoe series back on my radar for when I stop worrying about having a multiple shoe rotation for specific purposes and get back to having one or two shoes that do pretty much everything.

Needless to say I have been very pleased with the Nike Pegasus 33 Shield model and have a feeling that they will still be around getting mileage throughout the winter months. I do not see them going away any time soon.

Unfortunately, the foot sweat (lack of breathability) and how my feet feel on and after a long run are the reasons that I am still looking for a pair of recovery/easy/long run shoes for the rest of the Summer and early Fall.

I have a feeling that the Pegasus 33 Shield’s will be much better during the cool/cold weather times that will be here before I want it.

A very solid running shoe for me, but not really a great summer running shoe.

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