A Varied Week – But a Pretty Good One – 7-29-18

It has been a busy week with a lot of things happening beyond running, but nothing I want to put into this week in review. On the running front I had a really good week, where I got over 35 miles for the week, without a long run, lifted weights a couple of times and even went on a hike with Mary and Bennie.

For the first time this year, we headed out for a hike. Mary’s old EMS boots finally fell apart when she was wearing them up back raspberry scouting last weekend and she got a new pair of Keen’s this week. So of course we had to try them out. No issues or problems on a nice 4.0 mile hike down in Montville. Continue reading “A Varied Week – But a Pretty Good One – 7-29-18”

First Run – Salomon Sonic 2016 – RunLog 7-28-18

There have been far too many “new” shoes in my running shoe rotation this year, but I am getting to try a few brands that I haven’t before, so that much is good. I am also learning that there is a quality difference between brands that gets pretty apparent once you have seen the differences up close.

However, I have never run in Salomon running shoes before today, though I had tried them on a few times before, but the narrow toe box and price points had always scared me off before.

So today I got to run in another pair of new shoes, the Salomon Sonic (2016) version. The Sonic’s are a birthday present from Bennie and he found them on eBay and then negotiated with the seller to get them for a really good price.

The weight at 9.3 ounces is right in the wheelhouse of where I want my trainers to be, the shoes themselves seemed to be well built, no obvious flaws and appeared about as close to new as any shoes I have received through eBay. While they were a tiny bit snug in the forefoot, the rest of the shoes fit perfectly with my toe-socks. Continue reading “First Run – Salomon Sonic 2016 – RunLog 7-28-18”