A Varied Week – But a Pretty Good One – 7-29-18

It has been a busy week with a lot of things happening beyond running, but nothing I want to put into this week in review. On the running front I had a really good week, where I got over 35 miles for the week, without a long run, lifted weights a couple of times and even went on a hike with Mary and Bennie.

For the first time this year, we headed out for a hike. Mary’s old EMS boots finally fell apart when she was wearing them up back raspberry scouting last weekend and she got a new pair of Keen’s this week. So of course we had to try them out. No issues or problems on a nice 4.0 mile hike down in Montville.

I wore my Nike Wildhorse OG – trail shoes. They worked fine.

It was a great day and even the insects were cooperating for the most part. However, for the last couple of miles something was keeping tabs on us pretty closely. Whatever it was, it kept out of sight and seemed to stay off to our right. Not a good feeling when you see fresh bear scat in the trail in a couple of places and hear jaw popping noises not all that far away during the last mile. Bennie was walking behind me, more on last part of the walk, which we put off to him being tired. Now I am not so sure that he wasn’t letting me take lead with whatever it was shadowing us.

I didn’t hear any growling or anything, which I took as a good sign. Although we did hear a pretty loud thud – like something purposely dropping down on all fours, not that far away from us as we headed down the trail turn-off back to the van. It was time to get off that trail when we did.

Neither one of us felt completely comfortable on the last part of the hike. I am fairly woods savvy I did not like that feeling of being watched/shadowed for that long a period of time and it definitely kept my head aware of what was going on around us. I knew exactly where my pepper spray was located – not that it would do a lot of good.

The joys of hiking sometimes.

Getting back to running.

Yeah, I got over 35 miles in and the right hip is about the same as always. I felt strong on my track workout and had to cut my long run short, because I had a date with Mary for lunch and didn’t want to be late. It has remained hot and sticky most of the week, the kind of weather that I struggle with – like most everyone else, but especially since I have gotten older.

It seems as though I have less tolerances for the weather extremes than I used to, whether it is cold or hot – I seem to suffer more.

Instead of attempting to recreate the wheel, I have just taken photos of my written running log to capture what I actually did this week. Read if you like.

Running Shoes

I got rid of a couple more pair that do not fit quite right and got a pair of Salomon Sonic 2016’s at a great price on eBay to replace them. It seems that my skinny heels tear up loose heel counters quite rapidly – even for walking, so I have to be more aware of the heel fit than I have been. I am still looking for comfortable easy/recovery/long slow run shoes that will last more than 100-150 miles for me and with my birthday coming up, a couple of more pair will be added to the rotation if history repeats itself. That is how I ended up with the Sonic’s – a birthday/Father’s Day present from Bennie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Sonic’s are a bit snug in the right forefoot (right where my Tailor’s Bunionette happens to be), however I think as the insole compresses and the upper stretches during the break in period that they are going to fit quite nicely. I tried on the Sonic RA’s and the toe box is a much better fit for me, but I want to see how these work – they are my first Salomon’s and I am impressed with the quality and workmanship so far.

I am finding out that if I stay pretty much with size 42 EUR/8.5 U.S. that I have less issues with fit. These are a little smaller as an U.S. 8.0/41.3 EUR. EUR seems a bit more consistent in sizing than the U.S. sizing from what I can see with all the shoes I have had this year.

I have noticed that they do reward me when I am running with a certain stride/gait and let me know when I get away from that more efficient way of running. However, I notice on my first mile of a run in them that I tend to think I am running faster than I really am???? After that things get to about where I think I should be for the level of effort. I wonder if it is getting to the stride that these shoes prefer ironed out that makes it feel faster than it really is.

The Nike Pegasus 33 Shield’s are a great running shoe that fit great, but due to the Shield upper and the lack of breathability, I get swamp foot when I run in them, which isn’t a bad thing, but not real comfortable. They are a colder weather shoe and will be nice this winter. I did my 50 Plus mile review of them and I still do not know why all the other times that I tried a pair of the 33’s that they never felt quite right??? Oh well, water under the bridge as they say.

Also I have been very impressed with the Nike Rival 6’s on the track and roads, they did everything I asked of them at faster and slower speeds. However, they shine for me at faster paces. I ran a 7.0 mile run in them without any issues, but the old body did feel a little more beat up than usual after I finished. So while I would race them at any distance that I run, I wouldn’t want a steady diet of longer running in them – I have a feeling the body might rebel a little too much.

No trail runs this week in the Nike Wildhorse OG’s. Though on today’s 4.0 mile hike, I experience zero problems with my feet and they did great on everything but wet roots and rocks. Just have to be careful in those areas.

Overall, another really good week and I am happy with how the body is holding up to the slow increase in speedwork. If I have a tough speedwork session during the week, I have been decreasing the length of my longer run, just help out the recovery portions of my training. Trying to be smart for a change, but it is hard when some days, I just want to go for it, even though it is a recovery/easy run day.

Be conservative Harold – it is in your best interest and you sure as hell are no longer a puppy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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