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Month: August 2018

Quarry Road 3K

Running Log — 8/28/18 I am going to try something a little different going forward. I like my written log because it has certain fields that I need to fill […]

A Pretty Great Week – 8-26-18

It really has been quite a week! Running-wise and on the personal front. First up let’s go with the personal stuff that I want to share. We went over to […]

This is the Post I Was Supposed to Write

Earlier this week, I was going to write about something else that I really love besides running…Sword and Sorcery Fantasy work by Dennis McKiernan and his world of Mithgar, but […]

It Has Been a Long Year & Closure

Yeah, a whirlwind trip to Lancaster, NH and coming back through Errol, which put 290 more miles on Clifford (our Ford Transit). We had been planning on going to New […]

A Few Changes Going On

Well it is mid-August 2018 and I got past another Birthday, something that I do enjoy celebrating and is a helluva lot better than the alternative. Each year, after that […]