First Run in Reebok Grasse Road – RunLog 8-1-18

An early birthday package arrived from D2 yesterday and I had a pretty good idea what it was. I just couldn’t wait to try them on and well…once I opened the package that kind of probably meant that I also was going to run in them sooner than later.

Errr this morning.

So the Reebok Grasse Road have been added to the rotation and you know something, it is the first pair of Reebok’s I have run in since the early 90’s. Although I have come close a couple of times with the Flex series a few years ago.

However, these are not the lifestyle or cross-fit shoes that Reebok has been known for over the last few years. Even after one run, I know there is a difference and from looking at some of the other shoes they are bringing out, it will be interesting to see if Reebok continues its return to being a serious running shoe company that can compete with the big brands or if it fizzles.

I would love to see them come all the way back.

What initially got me interested in the Grasse Roads was when I read Sam over Road, Trail, Run’s review back in the Spring and was very intrigued by these shoes. I have been looking for a mileage eater/easy i.e. slow runs running shoe lately and when I was wandering around eBay and I came across the Grasse Roads at a price that couldn’t be resisted. They became D2’s birthday present to her loving running shoe problem, err Dad.

Oh well, enough blathering, how did the first run in them go?

Quite nicely thank you.

The Grasse Roads are under 10.0 ounces at 9.6, but have a lot of stack height for the weight, so I wouldn’t want to play any basketball or tennis type of activists in them. They are running shoes. Also to me they feel like they are a higher drop than the 6mm that is advertised – not a bad thing when it comes to my Achilles, just different than I expected.

I can honestly say that I am not a fan of the colorway – shades of gray with some blue on the midsole and laces. Not the colorway I would pay full-price for, but at this price point and actually needing the shoes, well I will deal with boring. Who knows it might even grow on me…naw I am not stylish or a fashionista and want my bright and bold colorway shoes – the brighter and more obnoxious the better. 🙂

You know Harold shoes.

I found the size 8.5 to be slightly large for my size 8.0 foot according to the thumb width test. I could probably comfortably get away with a pair of size 8.0’s. However, that slightly larger sizing didn’t make a smidge of difference once I got around to running. There was no two-stage take-off feeling during toe-off, something that I get too often when the shoes are too long. The heels felt securely locked in and the tongue padded enough that I didn’t feel the laces pressing down against the top of my foot and my Tailor’s Bunionette didn’t give me grief at all, so the toe box was comfortable for my Hobbit feet.

The left Plantar is still about a week away from not being an issue, but after walking around in them yesterday, this morning I simply put the Grasse Roads on, tied the laces and went for a run. No frig, farting around trying to get the fit correct or deal with the myriad of things that seems to go along with me and getting into a new pair of running shoes.

After yesterday’s speed work, I wanted to do an easy 4.0 mile recovery run, something in the 9:00 minute pace range. The first two miles were right around that mark and I didn’t push going back up Stevens Hill and got up around 9:25. Then I might have pushed a little harder on the last mile and got down in the 8:40 range. The final average pace was right at a 9:00 minute pace.

I purposely went down to Bartlett and then back around Howard. It gave me a really good idea of how they would on the dirt road down-back and then how the Grasse Roads transition from dirt-to-tar and then tar-to-dirt a few times, plus going up and down some hills. No issues and the grip was good on the dry dirt and I didn’t have a multitude of small pebbles stuck in the outsole.

The cushioning was good going downhill and the Grasse Roads were flexible enough up front that running uphill didn’t feel uncomfortable (despite my PF issues) – even with the fairly large stack height they had enough flex/front rocker to feel pretty good.

It is a pretty well established fact that I do heel-strike and roll-through to toe-off and after I found my stride with the Grasse Roads, (each pair of running shoes have their preferred stride – it didn’t take nearly as long with them as most running shoes I have run in lately), I was pleasantly surprised with how quiet and smooth they were.

Usually with shoes in this more maximal style or stack heights, I tend to slap a little even with some shoes that claim to have a rocker or drag my heels. That wasn’t the case in this first run and those are both pretty big deals in my world.

All too many of my initial run superlative thoughts lately have turned to shite, after getting more miles on the shoes. I will stop with the superlatives at this point and will see how they are doing at 50 miles.

I am looking forward to my long run tomorrow in them. Well as long as it doesn’t turn into a treadmill long run, well if that happens I will find out a lot then as well.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is high 80’s to 90’s with high humidity and I don’t do long runs in that weather. Something about getting older and wiser, and also not wanting to be found on the side of the road in the face down position. No, I am not a fan of hot, humid weather and play it safe or at least not act too stoopid.

What I did learn is that Reebok did make the Grasse Roads to be run in and some of their other shoes are really starting to interest me more after looking closely at them and getting them on my feet.

These are real running shoes, not second rate department store knock-offs that we all might want to look at a little closer. No, I am not being paid or getting free stuff from Reebok or anyone else to say this, it is simply what I am observing and my opinion.

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