July 2018 – A Really Good Month

Oops. I didn’t hit the publish key, oh well not really a big deal to too many people in any event. πŸ™‚

July was a damn fine month of running. I got to over 160 miles (the first time since November 2015 that I have run that many miles in a month), had a few long run, some track work, didn’t have too many unusual aches or pains and even got my running shoe rotation pretty much straightened out.

So yeah, July 2018 was a pretty good month.


Hitting 160 miles for the month is a pretty big milestone for me. It means that I have been fairly consistent with the running, getting a few long runs in and not lazing around the house on the couch.

As you can see, I also had a pretty good daily running streak going. I have even gotten to the track a few times and believe it or not, I enjoyed pushing the body on the track again – even if it does hurt more than a little. I did a couple of races a hot 5K on the 4th and a trail race over at Quarry Road.

I am staying over 30 miles a week and even hit 40 one week. However, I noticed with the 40 mile week that I was a lot more tired than usual and figure that staying around 35 miles seems to be my sweeet spot for now.

I did get the Milestone Footpod and while the information it gives is interesting…yeah I know that I heel strike about 100% of the time, that when I run faster my cadence is faster and when I run slower my cadence is slower (no, I do not have that magical 180 SPM all the time), that I don’t lift my legs too high towards the back unless I am running faster and that when I am running faster I am running more efficiently.

So while the Milestone Footpad validates many of the things that I thought were happening in my running, from my perspective, the information it does provide is rather limited, but nice to know.


The right hip is still there and while it doesn’t stop me from running, the level of discomfort varies from run to run. I am not sure what is going on in there, but it does seem better at the end of the month than it was at the start – a very good thing.

Otherwise the left Achilles is doing pretty good, but the right shoulder is still giving me some issues that will never go away – so I just deal with them the best that I can. I have been to the acupuncturist a couple of times and that does seem to help with the discomfort areas.

Although, when I did run in a new pair of running shoes, they aggravated my Plantar Faciitis.

Running Shoes

Unfortunately, my favorite running shoes – the Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s are doing the same thing the my first pair did – wearing through to the heel counter on the left foot, only this time they did it even faster. 😦 So instead of beating my head against the wall and dealing with a heel blister, I put them in the back of the garage. Sigh

Which meant that I was on the lookout for a long run/recovery style of running shoe, since the Nike Rival 6 and Nike Wildhorse OG, have filled my needs for fast and trail shoes.

I like the Nike Pegasus 33 Shield’s, but the forefoot is not quite enough for me to run comfortably past 7-8 miles and none of the other shoes I had in the house seemed to meet what I was looking for either. So I did a LOT of research, put my thoughts into a blog post about I was looking for in a running shoe rotation and finally ended up, based on price and what I had been reading with:

  • Salomon Sonic
  • Reebok OSR Grasse Road (I didn’t get them in until 7/31).

So we will see how they workout for me. The Sonics were the ones that caused the PF issues and I have been looking at ways to alleviate the stiffness to make it so I can wear them without anymore issues. We will see.

The reality is that

July was a really busy month.

We did get the trees down for SD2’s lot and now have to get the land prepared for her house, so that has taken some of our time and then just the general upkeep of an older home with a garden and the lawns. At least this year we are home to take care of things and maybe actually get some work done around it for a change.

Also Mary and I got out the kayaks for the first time in years in July, which was nice and an easy hike down in Montville.

July was hot and humid, but it is summer, so that is expected, but the a/c has run an awful lot for up heah in Maine, but there is no such thing as Global Warming – no matter who is causing it – right.

Oh well hopefully August will be as nice a month for running and I will get a lot done around the house as well.

Although I would like to take some time and smell the roses – at least a little.

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