Just A Bit Hot and Humid – RunLog 8-7-18

Thank you everyone who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday and especially those who ate supper with me last night. Your company was fantastic and sharing time together is so important. 🙂

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake – one of my favorites, especially when it is homemade. Thank you SD1

Mary and I also went to the Portland Sea Dogs game on Sunday. I love going to minor league games most of the time, but Sunday’s game was just too hot to stay and enjoy it to the end. We were well-done and sunburned by the time we left after the fifth inning. The Sea Dogs went on to win without us though, so it was a good day.

It has been hot and humid for Maine for the past few days, which meant that yesterday I decided to run inside on the Treadmill. I did a steady 7.0 mph for 5.0 miles and then did 6 x strides at, at least 9.1 mph for .1. I felt strong during the whole run and wanted to stop at 6.1 miles (in honor of my 61st birthday), but couldn’t resist getting the 10K.

Tonight the Quarry Road Trail 8K was scheduled, but due to the weather forecast (super hot/humid and probable t-storms), I decided to not go early this morning. Which was just as well, since this afternoon they cancelled the race due to the predicted t-storms.

This morning was supposed to be some sort of speedwork, so I put on the Rival 6’s and headed out the door to see what I would end up doing, with this kind of weather, I try to be very flexible. I thought about doing .25 repeats on the flats down-back or some telephone pole repeats, since it is more shaded down there and the Town Crew was working on the road, so there wouldn’t be a lot of traffic coming through.

However, by the time I got a tenth of a mile into the run, I had decided to skip any idea of running hard or fast. The temps were already above 85*F and high humidity = yech.

Instead of worrying about speedwork, I simply worried about getting to the finish. Which I accomplished in some places with a very nice survival shuffle.

So the run today was just a get ‘er done run and not one that you write home about, by any stretch of the imagination.

One birthday present I am very excited about was from Mary…a pair of new running shoes – my choice!!! Bennie and I had been discussing which pair of running shoes if I could buy any that I wanted, which ones would I get. As excited as I was to run in Nike Vapor Fly 4% thanks to Sam at Road, Trail, Run last spring, I just couldn’t justify in my mind the cost, plus you can’t find them anywhere.

Of all the shoes out there, the ones that intrigued me the most were not a “name” running shoe brand, at least not recently. The Reebok FloatRide Run Fasts.

From all the comments, reports, reviews and videos, they are a special shoe. So I ordered them from Running Warehouse and they should be here later this week.

Do I need them?

Probably not, since I am very happy with how the Nike Speed Rival 6’s have been working for me, but they will be the first truly recently released running shoe that I have had in a while, so I am pretty excited about getting them.

Let’s see if they make this old fart any faster or if they are simply fool’s gold.

Now if the heat/humidity would let up a little, I would be happy, but it is still better than having that white shite on the ground to play with.

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