Summer Running – No Doubt About It – RunLog 8-18

I really sort of dislike days like today, no nothing to do with the weather, which was hot/humid – so it was pretty normal for the dog days of August. No, this morning was errand day, lots of stops, getting things setup, scheduling repairs (house and Clifford), bank stuff, dropping off stuff to Good Will – you know all of those things you never have time to do, but take one day and just get shite done.

Today was that day.

So I didn’t get my run in until after 4:00 and it was still hot, luckily the humidity had calmed down slightly and there was a little breeze out of the North which was nice.

Once I left the driveway, as long as I was in the shade, it really wasn’t all that bad, but it was still pretty warm out there. So I just ran comfortably and didn’t push the pace. I worked on keeping my right foot straight and landing quietly. I know that I still land heel first, but that ain’t changing anytime soon.

When I got down to Notta Road (my 5.0 mile O/B), I decided to run down to Davis Drive, so that my 5.0 miles would end at the lower gate and I wouldn’t have to run up Stevens Hill in this heat. Sometimes I do have a brain and use it. 😉

The run itself was one where you just put in the miles, keeping moving forward and don’t worry about pace. You just go with a certain level of effort and don’t attempt to do too much in this kind of weather.

Another good thing about tonight is that the Birthday cake and ice cream are now history and I can actually start working on getting the weight down to where I want it, versus where it has been ever since March.

Also one of my birthday presents arrived this afternoon. It will be interesting to see what Magness has to say in the book, because I have been following his blog for several years now.

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