Still Steamy Out There – RunLog 8-9-18

Sometimes you just have to use a little common or is that in my case uncommon sense. This morning’s run was one of those kind of runs, I had planned to run for about and hour and fifty minutes in this kind of weather probably 10 to 12 or so miles. However, the temps were in the high 70’s and the humidity – let’s just say it was quite nasty.

To be honest the humidity is 4-0 this week, it just sucks the life out of my running. It doesn’t stop me, but it does change how I do things during a run.

Which meant that when I started I had tempered the expectations quite a bit on the length of time that I could subject the old body to that kind of abuse. I started out comfortably and picked up the pace to a comfortably hard one after the first mile. Then down on Silver St. I just kept it going.

About when I got to the light at the end of Silver Street, my hat started dripping. In this hot/humid weather that is m warning sign that it is time to think about slowing down and that I only have about 2-3 miles of safe running left.

So I finished up the faster three miles and shut down the speed to more of an easy run, so I would finish without blowing up. Even so, going back up the little hills was tough in this weather, so the slowing down had been smart.

I did think about heading out around Colby, but when I got over towards the Mt. Merici school turn, I decided that 6.0 miles was going to be enough. The sun had come out and the humidity was feeling even more oppressive.

Yeah, by this time my hat was raining sweat, which is my cue to get to where I need to be, by the shortest route.

There just was not any need to do more.

Thankfully coming back along First Rangeway, there is a decent amount of shade and I was able to put my head down and just keep plodding along. I finished without any issues – other than my hat raining down a good deal of sweat.

Overall, not a bad run and I did have a couple of pretty good mile splits thrown in there in some tough conditions.

After I got home, I did a little more surgery on the left heel counter of the Grasse Roads, while it didn’t bother during the run, there was still just a touch too much pressure on that wear spot when I am walking around in them to be completely comfortable.

All I can say is that the Grasse Roads must be a fairly special shoe for me, since I am putting up with doing surgery and the ankle bite – something I never do. It must be because, I do run well in them, but I would like them even more with a different style heel counter or one that uses a softer material – one that doesn’t bite my ankles.

Yeah, today I used some common sense for a change and didn’t attempt to do more than my body is capable of nowadays. The higher humidity does affect me differently and not in a good way, than it used to, so I have to be more aware of how the body is holding up in those conditions versus just doing it until I finish what I had planned anymore.

Today I listened just about perfectly for me.

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