Speedwork Tuesday in the Rain – RunLog 8-14-18

Today was one of those days, where you just do the workout that you have planned, despite the high humidity and deal with it.

Let’s back up for a second though.

On Sunday, I had to do some brush clearing, which meant running a chainsaw for a bit. When I run one of those beasties I wear steel toed workboots. Now I haven’t worn anything but my running shoes for almost two years and my right heel wasn’t too thrilled by being encased by those old workboots and developed a pretty sizable blister on it.

Then yesterday I ran 7.18 miles at about just over a 8:40 pace, so my legs were a just a little tired long before starting today’s planned speedwork session.

Which is what I wanted.


I wanted to have a workout where my legs were tired to begin the workout, so that I could see how well the old noggin, could push a tired body.

When I started the weather was hitting that 100% humidity level, which sucks, but what can you do other than keep one step in front of the other. However, once I got halfway through my mile warm-up, the rain showers started and stuck around off and on the rest of the run.

Which was okay with me, although it meant running without my glasses on, which makes for interesting running, since my depth perception is pretty screwed up without them..

However, by the second fast repeat, I took off my t-shirt and exposed my unmanned chest to world. I don’t think I scared anyone, but I know it felt a lot better running without the shirt than it did with it on. No I wouldn’t embarrass myself with photos what I look like without a shirt on. 🙂

It gave me a chance to see how the Reebok FloatRide Run Fast would do in wet weather – no issues, they had excellent grip and no new blisters came around. Although that right heel blister from Sunday’s brush work did raise its painful side each time I picked up the pace.

A little bit of that if you don’t mind, it don’t matter kind of thinking had to be drawn upon to offset that wonderful feeling of a blistered heel interrupting things.

With the high humidity and tired legs, I knew that the pace was going to be slower than I wanted, just the way it things work in those conditions. Instead I was focusing more on how well I was able to maintain a hard effort level than how fast I was going. Remember hard effort does not mean all-out, it is controlled, but difficult to maintain.

I was able to do 8 x .25 repeats on my road course, despite the construction going on at SD2’s new home site.

  • 1 – 1:44
  • 2 – 1:47
  • 3 – 1:48
  • 4 – 1:50
  • 5 – 1:51
  • 6 – 1:52
  • 7 – 1:51
  • 8 – 1:49

Like I said not what I call fast, but they were pretty consistent and I was able to make the old body keep moving even though the last four were not a lot of fun. They required me to dig pretty deep to maintain that pace for the full quarter.

However, the four planned 2 telephone pole repeats were out of the question. I was toast at the end of the last quarter-mile repeat and didn’t want to push the issue that much.

While I didn’t complete the full workout that I had planned, I did all eight of the quarters at a hard effort – not all out, but definitely hard.

A very good workout where the Reebok Run Fasts impressed me some more with how well they did in the wet weather.