A Few Changes Going On

Well it is mid-August 2018 and I got past another Birthday, something that I do enjoy celebrating and is a helluva lot better than the alternative. Each year, after that Birthday thing is over, I like to take a long look at where things are and if some things need to change.


Actually I am pretty happy with my blog, but wanted to tweak a couple of things. Yes, it is primarily and will remain a place where I write my running narrative, along with some life or technology stuff and I don’t plan to really change the content all that much.

However, the more I looked at the title and tag line, do they really introduce or convey the message that I want for those who are nice enough to stop by my website and read my meandering thoughts.

Obviously if I am thinking that out loud, it probably is not, so I changed the title to my old blog’s name – One Foot In Reality. It just fits who I am and where I want to go in the future with it.

Which means the tag line needed to change a little too.

The Journey and Journal of an Aging Runnah, Who Still Smiles Too Much

It says everything that I need to say. Life is a journey and originally a blog was a web log or journal of things you wanted to share with others. I am aging and I am still a runnah from Maine. Yeah, I do smile too much because life is pretty damn good right now.

Also I went back to an old theme that I liked, but may change that to something else fairly soon. After all, I changed it before for a reason and when I figure that reason out, it may need to go. 🙂 Continue reading “A Few Changes Going On”