A Few Changes Going On

Well it is mid-August 2018 and I got past another Birthday, something that I do enjoy celebrating and is a helluva lot better than the alternative. Each year, after that Birthday thing is over, I like to take a long look at where things are and if some things need to change.


Actually I am pretty happy with my blog, but wanted to tweak a couple of things. Yes, it is primarily and will remain a place where I write my running narrative, along with some life or technology stuff and I don’t plan to really change the content all that much.

However, the more I looked at the title and tag line, do they really introduce or convey the message that I want for those who are nice enough to stop by my website and read my meandering thoughts.

Obviously if I am thinking that out loud, it probably is not, so I changed the title to my old blog’s name – One Foot In Reality. It just fits who I am and where I want to go in the future with it.

Which means the tag line needed to change a little too.

The Journey and Journal of an Aging Runnah, Who Still Smiles Too Much

It says everything that I need to say. Life is a journey and originally a blog was a web log or journal of things you wanted to share with others. I am aging and I am still a runnah from Maine. Yeah, I do smile too much because life is pretty damn good right now.

Also I went back to an old theme that I liked, but may change that to something else fairly soon. After all, I changed it before for a reason and when I figure that reason out, it may need to go. πŸ™‚


I weeded through my Facebook friends list and either deleted people from the Friends list or silenced them for 30 days to see if I missed their posts or not. For some there wasn’t any particular reason other than I have nothing in common, will never see them again or haven’t really “talked” or posted to them in a long time.

Also I got rid of most of the pages that I followed. I just get tired of the always attempting to sell me something that I don’t need/want.

Some other things that I also did is deleted myself from a couple of Facebook groups. I have found that once a group gets above 200-300 people that the conversations start to be less than thrilling or I am just pressing the like button without really adding to the conversation or making connections with others.

One I really liked being an active member of and learned a lot from other members. However, the conversations were just beginning to be too judgmental and less informative, so it was time to move on. I have left the group before, but each time I go back I my stay is shorter. I have a feeling this might be quite a while before I go back, if I ever do.

I would love to find another group that talks running shoes, stays at the 200-300 member limit and doesn’t degenerate down to the lowest common denominator. If I don’t I have a feeling that my running shoe rotation will become much more stable and the checkbook will be happier.

The other group was growing too fast and I just felt lost when I would go back to look at the posts. While I found many of the post motivating, it just became too much from too many people that I didn’t know.

Facebook is a great tool, but I have learned that I do have to weed out the timeline every so often. I just wish they would give me the option of keeping the timeline only on chronological order versus their dumb algorithm that shows me posts from last week or 2-3 days ago when that is old freaking news and I have no interest in seeing it now.

Twitter almost went away, I very seldom use it anymore other than to publicize my blog posts. It just doesn’t hold my attention like it used to.


I am slowly weaning myself from the world of Google and moving deeper into the Apple silo. Yeah, I know Apple is…well Apple and Google is a part of that large conglomerate called Alphabet and they are both large corporations who value the bottom-line. However, with one I am the customer and the other I am the product who uses their services, so I am choosing to be more the customer.

Part that weaning process is that I am moving away from using my gmail account for my primary email account. I actually started this last October and back then I didn’t realize how thoroughly enmeshed that account was with my online life until I started to move in a different direction.

I finally changed my Apple account from gmail to my Apple account this morning. Then I figured if I was going to do that I might as well move most my other online life to my Apple email as well – which I did. I will continue to use gmail for junk mail or to log into sites that will want to sell me stuff, but use my Apple email account for the important stuff.

Now to start moving the photos over to Apple from Google = a pain in arse.


Yeah, my running is going well and I have gotten over my latest case of marathon fever and gotten into that 30-35 miles per week groove that seems to be my sweet spot now. I know that I am a better shorter distance runner than I am long, so I am going to run more to my strengths, but still do the longer runs as a regular part of my training. However, if don’t I am not going to stress out about not getting up into the double-digits too often.

Racing – if I do it, cool. If I don’t, cool.

No more stressing out about whether I race or not. If I race I will do my best that day and smile, but I don’t want to get caught up in that I have to prove how great I am, when I know that I am not. Quite simply I want to run enough to be able to run up to a half marathon on demand, it may not be all that fast, but be able to finish one without killing myself in the process.

For now my focus is the 5K distance or less and enjoy my running more.

My running shoe obsession is starting to wind down a little as I am not constantly searching the Internet for the perfect running shoes. I am having pretty good luck with the combination of Reebok and Nike running shoes lately and don’t see me needing any new ones for a bit. I have a feeling that since I left a certain Facebook group that my need for more new running shoes will decrease exponentially. πŸ™‚

Although knowing me I will always be looking at what is new in running shoes and want more than I actually need.

The reality is that

While none of these changes are life changing or anything, I do see them improving the quality of my online life, running and use of technology, while reducing my stress levels. Which is in my mind a pretty good thing, because I want my online experience to be more enjoyable and informative versus stressful.

When it comes to my running, knowing the kinds of running that I enjoy and doing that stuff versus doing things that I may not enjoy as much, but did because I thought it was what I was supposed to do.

I am finding that I enjoy running circles around a track at a faster pace and running trails at an pace where I get to stop and smell the roses. Opposites, but part of the ying and yang of running, then for my everyday running, I do enjoy running the roads.

Life is about change and these minor tweaks are just part of life, where I am working at improving things a little at a time as my journey continues and that big smile that I can’t seem to wipe off my face most of the time. πŸ™‚

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