Time Trial and Some Memories – RunLog 8-18-18

I found my old 1983 Marine Corps Marathon race day shirt this morning and wanted to see how it felt running in it after so many years. Looking at it sure did bring back a few memories.

Unfortunately, when I ran in it this morning, I remembered some of the problems with a cotton shirt and it is not something I would probably wear to most races, plus the shirt is pretty stained and just looks grungy after all the years. Though I might drag it out for next week’s Quarry Road – just because. 🙂

I still wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do for a run this morning, it was drizzling and kind yech, so I really wasn’t into doing something overly long. Then when I walked Bennie down-back there was a crazy amount of traffic for there. Road construction has closed a section of the Middle Road and all the locals and a few GPS types are using it as a short-cut to get around the closure.

Unfortunately, most of the drivers were still driving like they would on tar. Now, 25 mph is about good down there (especially with all the potholes), but that wasn’t the typical speed I saw with cars flying by us. I did get a little scared when little truck hit some potholes and the arse-end of the truck started to slide towards us.

Needless to say I gave the international signal to slow down and yelled it out. I just received the international signal for “fuck you” in return and the driver floored it. I really sort of hoped that the next set of potholes helped the “wonderful fella” into the tree line, but even though the truck bounced a bit he made it through that section and sped off.

That helped me make up my mind to run in Waterville, where at least there is a breakdown lane to share the road with a multitude of vehicles, where down-back is a lane and half road where someone has to give a little to let the other driver by. With the lack of courtesy shown by some of the drivers – it was just safer to run in town – for a change.

Today was supposed to be a faster day, so I after thinking about it for a while, I thought about giving the Reebok FloatRide RunFasts a good test in the rain and do a time trial 5K at almost race pace.

So I headed to Waterville and when I got to Planet Fitness – it was closed!!! The employees were having an employee appreciation day picnic and stuff. Which meant changing in the truck and not getting to use the facilities before the run. I figured that I would do a total of 7 or so miles and just stop when I got to the 5K point on the course.

I started out slower than I would at a race and just before the first mile, my phone started skipping songs (yeah I listened to music – something that I am doing more and more when I want to run faster), so I stopped to fix that and got going again. My first mile split was 7:17 pace which is about 30 seconds slower than I would expect during a race, so I was right about where I wanted to be.

The second mile was a lot more downhill and my split was 7:07, which felt pretty good. I was working hard to maintain the pace, but it wasn’t a race effort. That not getting to use the facility before the run started to float the back teeth a little more than I wanted to deal with.

Which meant during the last mile, I lost focus and thought I was going faster than I was and ended up with the third mile split of 7:44, which was a little disappointing. I finished the run nicely on Silver Street and was still very happy with a sub 23:00 minute 5K.

That 3/4 point in a 5K race is and has been my weak spot and something that I need to work on, so I expect more of these longer repeats to be done more often.

Once I caught my breath, I continued on the course at a much slower pace and finished the next 4.0 plus miles at just over a 9:00 minute pace. I was tired, but didn’t feel bad at all.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the Reebok FloatRide RunFast is that they are white and show any mud or stuff pretty quickly. Otherwise they did everything I wanted in an outstanding manner. I was able to run as fast as I wanted comfortably and didn’t think about the shoes while I was doing the 5K and then when I slowed down were excellent.

My hat did start raining sweat at about mile 5.0, so I decided to head back to the truck and shut it down with a total of 7.0 plus miles done.

Even when running slower, they didn’t have that race shoe feel of harshness when landing or too tight to be comfortable for a longer run. The RunFast just were comfortable to run in – which is what I want now from my “go fast” running shoes. I have a feeling that I could get away with using them for just about all of my road training runs and be very happy. Yeah, they are that good and that comfortable in the runs I have done so far.

The Reality is that

This was a good confidence builder where I learned that the RunFast do a great job of letting me run fast and that on a training run I was able to run around 30 seconds off my race time from a fast 5K course back in April. So I was pretty happy with that.

However, it re-emphasized my weakness in running that distance – the 1.75 to 2.5 mile point of a 5K race – I need to work on that and I know it.

One thought on “Time Trial and Some Memories – RunLog 8-18-18

  1. nice running. Glad the driver didn’t kill you. Also… see how the weather is next week before wearing the shirt. If it’s too humid, I’d save the shirt for another race!

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