An Interesting Week to Say the Least – 8-19-18

Yeah, the week that was.

I made a few changes to the blog – the name is now One Foot In Reality, the tagline has been updated and theme changed. Otherwise the content will stay pretty much the same, with a few added quirks as move forward. I also bailed from a couple of Facebook Groups that were going in different directions than I want to go and leave it at that. We will see how those changes turn out.

My favorite photo from last week:

Running was better than I thought it would be, though my right hip barked a little more than usual, it wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. The weather is getting better, well not quite as hot or humid and the running shoe rotation is getting smaller. When you add in doggy daycare for SD2 and the contractors are working on her house lot next door, we have been busy.

So yeah, a lot has been happening.

Yard work

We are in the second week of getting SD2’s house lot ready for delivery of her house next Friday, so that has added to the stress and a bit to the workload around our house. It has also meant that I have had the “fun” of getting out the old chainsaw and chipper to do some of the stuff around our property as well. Which means getting 60 year-old muscles that haven’t been used to that kind of stuff, into the groove again.

Yeah, the muscles bitched and complained a bit. However, we have gotten rid of a few hazard trees by the power line to the house, an apple tree that we didn’t like and just general clean-up on the other side of the rock wall, from where SD2’s home will be.

Now I remember why I became a pencil pusher, this physical labor stuff is hard work.

Shoe Rotation

Reebok FloatRide RunFast — I have pretty much moved to Reebok shoes for road running, they just seem to fit my feet quite well.

I have found the Reebok FloatRide RunFast to be a shoe that does just about everything that I want from a pair of running shoes. It is light-weight, just enough cushion, is comfortable and works for me at most any speed I want to use it for – although it excels at going fast. If I had to choose just one shoe to run in going forward – the RunFast would be it.

The outsole is great on everything I have thrown at it so far, dirt, rain and tar. Now to get it on the track to see how it performs there – I have heard that the RunFast is exceptional on the track – now to find out.

The only things I would change is the next time I get a pair it would be a size 8.0 and while I like the classy looks of the white/yellow combination, I would prefer a brassy colorway that doesn’t quite show the dirt as much.

The white shows every spec of mud, dirt, etc., so in order to keep them pristine I have be careful about where and when I run. Yeah right – me…not gonna happen.

The RunFast will be used wherever and whenever I run in them and if they get dirty – that is the life of a pair of running shoes on my feet. They will either wash out or become stained. πŸ˜‰

Reebok OSR Grasse Road — Now that I have the heel counters surgically fixed, they have become my second favorite shoe. I use them for easy/recovery and long runs without any issues.

Again, I would probably get the next pair in size 8.0, but the 8.5’s are doing a pretty darn great job of keeping my feet comfortable on my runs. The colorway is boring, but I will deal with it.

Reebok FloatRide Run ULTK — Yes, I picked up a pair of these on eBay and have not run in them yet. While the damage to my left ankle has almost healed, unfortunately, I feel the side wall just a little too much when I walk in them to go for a run in them – yet.

The one thing that I am not crazy about, well two things, but they are inter-related are how difficult it is for me to get a good heel-lock in these shoes.

It comes down to the lack of padding where the tongue should be and the plastic caging for lace-up. Although I have looped my laces through the last point in the plastic cage to get better lock it is still not quite secure enough for my skinny heels and if I crank down too hard on the laces, it bothers the top of my feet, so damned if I do and damned if I don’t so far in them.

I will take them out for a run later next week, but as of right now I don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about them as running shoes due to the heel lock/lacing pressing down on the top of my feet issues for me. However, as walking shoes and to wear around town – they are fantastic and I can walk all day in them, so at least they will get some use if I can’t use them for running.


I ran five days last week, between the yard work on Wednesday/Thursday and some other stuff going on, I didn’t run those days. I won’t say that I rested all that much, but I did give the legs a break and the right hip seemed to like that. The left ankle that was rubbed raw a couple of weeks ago by the Grasse Roads is just about healed and the right heel blister from my work boots has stopped bothering, so the body is healing up pretty well.

This Fall I am focusing on running faster for me 5k/10K races at some poin and am figuring out how to best train the old body for that and what races I would like to do these attempts at. I am going back through some of books on training and looking at different philosophies about training for an old fart.

I know that I have limitations that younger folk do not have, that I am slower than I used to be and at least for me going up hills jacks the old heart rate up into areas I know it ain’t supposed to go if I push it too hard. So I have to figure out what works best for me and the body I have now.

More to think about on this, but until I figure out the direction I want to go, I will just keep plodding along and doing what I have been to see how that works.

I did two faster workouts in the RunFasts last week and both of them were in the rain. However, I did pretty good on the quarter repeats on tired arse legs and then I had 2 good miles and 1 that I should have done better, during my 5K time trial on Saturday. Even so, I still came within 30 seconds of my fastest 5K time this year, so it was still a confidence builder.

No long runs or trail work this week, but I did get 30 miles in for the 11th straight week, which is very consistent for me. Which is the most important thing…staying consistent and mostly injury-free. A blister or two here or there and the right hip discomfort I can run through pretty easily, as long as it keeps to those levels, I am happy.

The Reality is that

This was a really good week.

SD2’s house lot should be ready this coming week and we have gotten a lot yard work done that needed to be gotten done.

While I made some changes to this blog, I think in the long run those changes will motivate me to write a bit more and look at things from more than just a runner’s perspective and that is something that I want to do. There is more to my life than running, although if you talk much to me, you wouldn’t think so. πŸ˜‰

I am finding that Reebok’s newest running shoes are working nicely for me and although the Run ULTK might not work as running shoes, as athleisure shoes they are quite nice – I just have to find out this week if they are running shoes for me or not.

Now to figure out how to best train the old fart here to run faster for 5K/10K distances and I will be pretty happy – although I want to do it injury-free of course. So I will be conservative and attempt to not train like a 20 something and be more willing to train according to what the body says is good, not what a particular plan has for that day.

The journey continues and the smiles are still here. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “An Interesting Week to Say the Least – 8-19-18

  1. I like the changes. And there’s no such thing as smiling too much!
    What’s happening in that favorite photo? It looks pretty cool. Looks like a good week considering you also did garden and manual labour!

    1. Thanks :-). That is from when they burnt the huge brush pile from when the trees were cut down last month on Tuesday night, it was pretty cool to see the flames shooting so high into the air.

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