One of Those Mythical Top 10 Weather Days – RunLog 8-20-18

Yeah, today was one of those mythical top 10 days that I dream about and also tell me that Fall is just around the corner. One of those days where the temps were in the 70’s, low humidity and a light breeze that just begged to be run in.

This kind of day makes it so you just want to run…I was supposed to do an easy effort day and had to fight to keep the pace around 9:00 minute miles – that temptation to go faster was there the entire run. My Strava graph was not what you could call very consistent, because I kept speeding up and then had to slow back down again to keep the effort level in the easy range.

I had planned on doing my Tiffany 10K course, but as I got to the turn-around, it was so damn nice that I kept going out to Goodhue. Just a little further, but I wanted to keep going even further. I seriously thought about heading into Waterville and calling Mary to come and get me.

Yeah it was that nice outside.

In the end I turned around at Goodhue, I figured that it was better to stay on the good side of Mary than be an ass and just think about what I wanted to do. Plus I have a faster day planned for tomorrow with either a tough track workout or going to the Quarry Road 5K tomorrow night, so doing a long run today as tempting as it was, wasn’t in the cards.

Although…it would have been a perfect day for it.

This afternoon was moving lumber around, so I got about an hour of functional weight training in – always a good thing, because I hate doing weights and prefer the real deal as a part of doing actual work. Like carrying around logs on my shoulder or dragging brush to the pile to be shredded later.

Overall, it was a great day for being outside and I took advantage of it.

Although when I got done running, where I stopped up the road, this guy was hanging around in the road from a tree.

That was one big ass spider – they seem to be growing bigger up heah than they used to remember them.

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