Faster Pacing & Some Fartlek – RunLog 8-23-18

Today is typically a longer run, but where I missed Tuesday’s speedwork session, I thought it might be a good idea to do something a little faster than usual but still do at least 6-7 miles.

Plus I really wanted to get in another run in my Reebok FloatRide RunFasts. To say that I am impressed with these shoes would be an understatement. They work with the way I run quite nicely and are very comfortable while they are doing it and today’s run was no exception.

All that and I do tend to run faster in them. 😉

I ran through down-back with them for the first time today, to see how the outsole was on a dirt road. No issues and one of the things that irk me with so many other shoes was not an issue with the RunFasts – they didn’t collect rocks or pebbles that I noticed during the run – a very good thing. Looking closely at the photo, there is one small pebble in the heel of the left foot, but I never noticed it.

When I started running I wasn’t sure about what I really wanted to do, so I just went with the flow and when I got down to the first gate I got this brilliant idea to do a harder, but not race pace 5K out towards Goodhue Road and then do some telephone pole fartleks to get back home.

The weather was pretty much perfect again, mid 70’s, sunshine and a light breeze.

I would much prefer to do quarters on the track, but this longer harder running is what I really need more than fast quarters. The first mile wasn’t quite as fast as I wanted, but then again I hadn’t decided to do this until more than a quarter mile was done. Mile 2.0 was a bit slower and I was out of gas by the time I got to 3.0 miles.

I guess that I was not as ready to run fast, as I thought I would be, the focus wasn’t quite at the level I wanted it to be.

So I know that I need to work on my stamina and also my focus to maintain the faster paces, without the drop offs. I think during a road race this is less of an issue, but I should be able push myself to maintain more consistent pacing for a faster 5K even when it is a training run by myself.

I downloaded my stats to the Milestone App, no big revelations from it – actually I am pretty consistent to my other faster runs.

I land on my heels, tend to have a low impact, have a mid leg swing, my cadence increases when I run faster. Yeah, not much is changing there.

That was part 1 of the run.

Now I needed to get back to the house, however, I had thought about going after 7.0 miles total for the run, so I ran to the end of Tiffany so I wouldn’t have to do laps at the end of the run to get there.

I ran comfortably for a while, not pushing, just letting the old body dictate the pace, then after a mile I decided that even though I was feeling pretty tired after that harder 5K, thought seriously about doing a mile time trial on tired legs.

Yeah, I know sometimes I am not the sharpest tool in the shed!!!

However, once I started to pick it up, there wasn’t a lot left in the tank…the tank upstairs, the legs and body were willing, the brain was burnt toast. However, I was able to convince myself that I could do double telephone pole fartleks back to the dirt road.

I even got a 4 telephone pole fartlek and the old brain gave me hell for that, but we did it. However, it got back at me when I wanted to do a fast section on the flats to the bottom of Stevens Hill. I attempted to pickup the pace and there just wasn’t a whole lot of acceleration, just enough to get the second fastest time this year on that segment (it is very soft), but it was a struggle to move the old body even that fast.

At this point the legs were getting pretty heavy and my brain let me know that 6 plus miles was enough and I shut it down at the bottom of Stevens Hill and walked the rest of the way home.

No shame felt at all by cutting the run short. I had a pretty damn good workout and it was the right time to shut down the run. I had accomplished everything that I needed and pushing myself up Stevens Hill and then a little further just to get 7.0 miles in – served no purpose.