A Pretty Great Week – 8-26-18

It really has been quite a week!

Running-wise and on the personal front.

First up let’s go with the personal stuff that I want to share. We went over to New Hampshire and put a few things to rest. Going over there was something that we needed to do and one thing going over there did was give us closure on many thing related to my brother-in-law’s death last summer.

We hiked a little trail that we both love, then went by his old house, stopped at the transfer station and said thank you to them for everything they had helped us with last year and then went by camp. Some things had changed a lot and others not so much. However, the changes were not the big thing it was the idea that we needed to physically see where we had spent so much time last year and let go of some of the things we were holding on to.

SD2’s house lot is going well and the house arrived Friday, sometime next week it will go on the pad and she will be one step closer to joining us out heah in the country.

Also we have been doing doggie daycare quite a bit this summer so Bennie, Hunter and Karma have finally learned to get along.

I even got to play with the chainsaw and chipper a bit again this week

All very good things.

Although I will be glad when everything is said and done, and she is finally living in her new house. I know she will be as well!

Mary is in apple mode, making apple butter, canning apple slices and apple jelly from the apple trees that are in the front yard, picking blackberries from the neighbors patch and tomorrow we will be getting plums from that neighbors tree. We have frozen beans and are drying the rest of them in the garage for use later this winter.

Thankfully, the garden has done well and produced a bumper crop of everything we planted. However, for the first time in many years we did not plant any vine crops, luckily another neighbor down the street had a bumper crop of his vine crop and we have been able to scoff up cucumbers, squash and pumpkin (yeah, orange pumpkins already – can you believe it).

While it is a bit more work than roaming up and down the grocery store’s isles, we do know where the fruit and vegetables that we are eating are coming from, which sometimes in my mind is an important consideration.

Yeah, it has been a busy, but a nice week on the home front.


I got over the 30 mile threshold again, which is where I want to be now. As far as I can see this is about the right amount and a good distribution of speed, easy and trail for me to keep healthy and yet still let me improve incrementally.

No racing, which is okay, but I gotta admit I am getting a bit antsy and want to do a 5K Road Race at some point in the next few weeks. I would like to get one in before the Rail Trail 5K on September 16th, one that I am planning on doing, just to see where I really am versus where I wish I was.

I did rediscover running over at Bond Brook in Augusta, they are not the easiest or the toughest trails, but they are challenging for me to run on them. However, I am still very meechy on the single track, especially going downhill. The combo of trifocals, being an old fart, and not bouncing well, make going downhill on tougher trails something I choose to do more carefully and slower than I used to.

Although I haven’t been doing my strides at the end of slower runs like I want. It isn’t that I forget to do them, it is just that at the end of my runs lately, I just feel too tired to do much more. I have a feeling, that I just need to do it and push through the tiredness I am feeling at the end of those runs.

Running Shoes

Reebok FloatRide Run Fast – I have been doing most of my runs in them, I like them a lot. Although the last two runs in them my right forefoot behind the big toe was getting a little irritated, not enough to stop or anything, but definitely distracting.

So I took out the insole and right at that point where the shoe flexes the insole comes up and acts like a high wall. The insole creased at that point and rubbed against the side of my foot. I fixed this by cutting off the section of the insole sidewall that was rubbing. I will find out tomorrow if this “fixes” the issue.

Although there is a crease in sole sidewall and that might have something to do with the rubbing as well and where the shoes are sized-up 1/2 size, this might be one of those things that getting a larger size or not – does effect.

If cutting the excess off the insole doesn’t work I will change out the insole to a pair that I know will not bother my foot and at the same time will be a little thicker than the stock ones, so it should be above the creasing – at least I hope so.

Otherwise, I am really, really liking the RunFast.

Reebok Floatride Run – I did a pretty good 5.0 miler in them and while I know I can run decently in them, the upper doesn’t leave me all warm and fuzzy. The plastic cage in conjunction with no padding on the tongue area, causes a bit too much lace bite for me and when doing a sharp corner the forefoot doesn’t feel real secure. When I add this into the less than good heel lock, well…While I like the Runs they just do not seem secure enough for me to run confidently in them. However, they have become my go to walking shoes and are very good for that.

Reebok OSR Grasse Road – No runs in them this week. I have them comfortable for Long, easy and recovery runs, they will get back in the rotation once I get the RunFasts the way that I want them.

Nike Wildhorse OG – I ran in them over at Bond Brook this week and while I had zero problem with them grip wise. On the rocky sections of the trail, the lack of a rock plate was definitely noticeable. I have a feeling that when I go back to Bond Brook or other local trails that I know are rocky/roots that I will put in my old Altra Superior removable rock plate to protect my feet better.

I have a feeling that I will do most of my runs this coming week in the RunFasts to get the little tweak that I need with the insoles, for them not to bother my forefoot, plus I want to see if they could be used as my daily trainers, if I wanted them to be that. Yeah, experimenting yet again.

Actually, I really think that I have a pretty good handle on my running shoe rotation right now and will probably get rid of a few more pair that do not work for me moving forward. All I know is that the number of running shoes I have left is getting down to a very manageable number.

The reality is that

This week has been a really good week and I am feeling pretty good about how my running is progressing. Now to keep things consistent for the next few months and get a few races in. Nothing super competitive, but more to enjoy the company of other runners, although I will do the best that I can on that day.

I am looking forward to next week and have a couple of things planned, even though the heat and humidity are returning. Hopefully, it will be as good a week as this one has been. Although it is hard to believe that next weekend is really the end of summer and school will be back in session for a lot of teachers and students.

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