Hot 7.0 & Asking First – RunLog 8-27-18

It is going to be a wacky week, so I wanted to get my longer run in at the first of the rather than skip it completely. Unfortunately, the day turned out to be pretty damned hot, which isn’t conducive to a good long run.

But I did find a new place to run – more on that later in the post.

Now to go back up that hill. πŸ™‚ That little triangle of light towards the top of the photo is pretty close to the top.

Let’s back up a little.

Bennie and I went for our 2 mile walk and I learned that the Salomon Sonic OGs were not going to work for me, even after changing out the insole to a much thinner one. My left plantar fascia does not like these shoes at all and by the time I got back to the house it was starting to complain way too much. Also the right shoe is a bit too snug and pushes my little toe into the next one. These had happened when I started to run in them and a couple of the things that I did to fix them, didn’t work. They are now slated to go away.

Too bad, but the way it works sometimes.

Then before I headed out the door, I decided to wear the Reebok Run Fasts again to see if the minor adjustments to the right insole helped with the rubbing/discomfort I was feeling on my right forefoot in them during my last couple of runs.

I had planned on running for about 90 minutes – somewhere between 8-10 miles, but also knew with the heat that I might change that to something else. I started out comfortably and didn’t look at my watch for split times until after 5.0 miles.

When I got up to the end of Tiffany Road, the people were outside at the farm across the road. I had always wondered where their dirt road lead and went over and respectfully asked permission to run down there, since it would be safer than running down Goodhue.

I know as a landowner, it irks the hell out of me when people just assume it is their god given right to use my property as if it is theirs. The owner thanked me for being respectful of his property and saying not everyone was as good about asking to use his private road, before just heading down it.

He said anytime I wanted to run down to the end, not a problem as long as he wasn’t running equipment or dragging logs out…no problem and we talked about how hot it was and some other “getting to know you stuff”. I headed down the dirt road which quickly turned to double-track and ended about half to three-quarters of a mile down it.

You notice I said down it – that photo at the start of the post is me looking back up the the hill I had just ran down. Coming down it didn’t seem that bad, going back up wasn’t horrible, but it was definitely uphill. πŸ™‚

After that excursion, I just sort of plugged along at a comfortable pace and the heat was definitely starting to get a bit too hot for me. When I checked my GPS at 5.0 miles, I could tell I was starting to slow down and by the time I got to 6.0 miles I was just about done.

Now the RunFasts had been great right up to 6.0 miles, but once I got on the little hill where the dirt starts on Tiffany, it started to act up. Nothing bad, but noticeable and continued to bother until I stopped at the bottom of Stevens Hill.

Yeah, I stopped at 7.0 miles, my hat was starting to rain and I couldn’t justify beating myself up in the heat just to make it up that hill and then doing enough to get 8.0 miles in. Sometimes it is okay to push yourself into “I gotta do this mode” and there are other times like today, where I want to be somewhat fresh for Quarry Road tomorrow night that discretion is the better part of valor.

Today was that kind of day.

I am going to change out the insole and see if that makes a difference with the RunFasts. It is too bad, because I am really, really liking these shoes, they are a combination of race days shoes and daily trainers that if I can get the forefoot discomfort thing figured out, well will I really need more than these for most of my training? It would be nice to be able to go with one pair of shoes for most everything. Although I knowing me I will still putz around with more shoes than I really need.

The reality is that

Today’s run was a pretty good workout in spite of the heat, I stopped before the heat played a huge role in me slowing down to survival shuffle mode which doesn’t do anyone any good in their training runs – other than to say “gee I got my mileage in”. I would rather keep my runs a little higher quality than survival shuffle.

An old coach once told me if you train for survival shuffle, that is what you end up doing, just what you trained for. I am getting slow enough as it is, I don’t need to train for it too.

It was neat to see where that road led that I had so often wondered about. It basically goes nowhere, but is safer and kinder on the legs than running on the tar road that does get busy from time to time. Although at one time I have a feeling that where the grass has grown up in the road where it ended, looking down a ways, it did lead a lot further back into the woods.

Now to get the forefoot thing with the RunFasts taken care of and I will be pretty happy. Yeah, I do think that the running is going pretty good right now.

Now to get ready for the heat wave we have coming, just in time for the last Quarry Road Trail Race tomorrow night. They are looking at 90*F plus as a high tomorrow, so it will be a hot evening at the races. If it is too hot, it might just be a run for me, not a race, I don’t want to abuse the old body quite that much, when I am feeling pretty darn good about my running right now.