Headed Inside for Some Treadmill Time – RunLog 8-29-18

This morning was just too damn hot and humid for ME to run safely outside. One thing I have noticed about getting into my sixties is my tolerance for temperature extremes (hot or cold) is much lower than it used to be. That IS part of my aging process and I have to pay attention to it, if I want to avoid found on the side of the road dead someday.

So I do, since I plan to keep boring people to death, with this blog for many more years to come.

Which meant that a bout on the treadmill was in order. Actually I am one those crazy people who do like the treadmill. I don’t have to think on it too much, I just have to keep up and every so often change the speed or incline. An added plus is that I can zone out to the music, without worrying about getting run over. 🙂

Today was sort of a recovery day, while I didn’t really run that fast yesterday or last night at Quarry Road, in the heat I did push the old body pretty good, so I wanted to take it easy this morning. Something on the lines of 30:00 minutes or so.

One thing that I did different is set the treadmill incline to 1% and kept it there, yes I could tell that it made me work a bit harder for the times that I was doing – a good thing. Though it did make the Strava stats a bit more off than usual.

The first mile was at 7.0 mph and it felt pretty easy, so for the second one I picked it up to 7.6 mph, which felt pretty good. At the end of 2.0 miles is usually when I loose focus, slow down and when I look at the pacing graph – get mad at myself.

So I increased the treadmill speed to 8.1 mph for half a mile and then popped it up to 8.8 mph the 5K mark. No it was not easy, but I made it to the end – so much for that easy recovery run.

That is the problem with the treadmill, I don’t tend to go slow or do my recovery runs the way that I should. However, today I was pretty good, once I got to the 5K mark in 24:34, I eased the speed back to 7.0 mph until I got to the last quarter mile, then of course I picked it back up to 9.1 mph, I wanted to finish under 32:00 for the 4.0 miles.

I did.

One thing today was that the Garmin on Run Inside mode was off by .52 and my Milestone pod was off by .35. So I really do not know who’s numbers are the correct one, so I just go by the Treadmill’s reading when I run on the treadmill and when I run outside trust the GPS reading. I know that none of them are 100% accurate, but it would be nice to have them all read a bit closer to the same ending mileage, although I know it won’t happen.

Actually it was a really good run, but I still have to work on my mental toughness and yeah, I know races are run outside in crappy conditions, but when the dew points are in the 70% area and temps in the high 80’s I am making the choice to go inside for training runs.

The other thing is that Planet Fitness in Waterville seems to be upgrading some of the facility and making some changes. I noticed the old stretching area is now something else that I am going to get the instructor there to give me a few pointers on and the new stretching area doesn’t have any windows. However, outside there are Bosu balls and some other new gear, so that part is getting better. Now if they would get a foam roller that would be great.

3 thoughts on “Headed Inside for Some Treadmill Time – RunLog 8-29-18

    1. Yeah, I noticed that I was breathing a bit more than usual. Although I gotta admit that I do like the flat treadmill runs – they tend to feed the ego, since they are more like running slightly downhill 🙂

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