Reebok Floatride RunFast – 50 Mile Review

Sometimes all the comments online, blog reviews and site reviews of a pair of running shoes get you all hyped up about wanting to get a pair. No, I am not talking about the Nike VaporFly 4% (can’t justify the ROI for an old slower runner like me), instead I am talking about the Reebok Floatride Run Fast, which has gotten a LOT of good words spoken about them online lately.

Good enough that when Mary told me to order a pair of whatever shoes I wanted (let’s not get stoopid here) as my birthday present, without a lot of thought going into the decision, I decided to go with the RunFasts.

The short version of my review.

If I could only have one running shoe in my rotation the Reebok Floatride RunFast would be it. They are light, comfortable and can be used for almost any kind of run that I do. About the only runs I wouldn’t take them on is a very rocky, technical trail or one that had lots of mud or snow.

The long version.

That was the short version, now for the rest of the story. It seems that for the Reebok shoes that I have run in this year, there is always something that is not quite the way I need it with my funky feet. The RunFasts were no exception, but once I got that squared away – Wow!

They remind me of a classically styled running shoe that looks as good as they perform.

What kind of runs have I done in the RunFasts?

I did a 4.0 mile progression treadmill run in them today and there were zero issues.

So the RunFasts have excelled in all the conditions that I have used them. Tar, dirt roads, groomed trails, hard rain runs, time trials, trail race, intervals and longer runs up to 8.0 miles. Now that I have figured out the issue I was having with them, I would not hesitate to take them on my faster paced long runs.

Sizing is true to size, I could have gotten a men’s size 8.0 versus the 8.5’s that I did get and been very happy. Actually the sizing up might have been part of the reason for the issue that I had with the RunFasts, since the flex point would be in a different spot on my forefoot.

The Good

The RunFasts are now very comfortable and I can run fast in them – for me. They are a faster shoe than I can ever do justice to being as slow as I am, but the RunFasts do let me run how I run and don’t get in the way. The heel cup is narrow enough that I do not have to use lace-lock to get a hold there and the toe box is wide enough that I do not have any issues with my problematic Tailor’s Bunionette.

My Hobbit-like feet are happy.

At 6.5 ounces stock, they are light enough to be my racing flats for any distance that I do.

In the looks department, I think they are a classy looking running shoe. Normally I am not a fan of white, but the white/yellow color combination is sharp. I do wish that Reebok offered them in a different colorway than the white based, but I do like the way they look.

The upper has plenty of support on the sidewalls, so that you do not feel as though you are going over the sides when you are cornering hard, like some shoes that I have run in recently. So I imagine that the track workouts I will be doing they will do fine.

One thing that usually bothers me on many of the race day shoes I have worn is that in their efforts to keep things light they do away with most of the padding in the tongue area. The RunFasts have just enough so that the I do not get lace bite on the top of my feet – a very good thing and makes them that much more comfortable for me.

Let’s get to the midsole, which for me is one of the best I have run in, in a very long time. The midsole does have a soft/yet firm feeling when running in them and seems to adapt better than most shoes to a variety of speeds. They feel good on my feet going fast and also when I am running slow in them – which is something that not all shoes can do. Floatride foam combined with EVA, seems to be the real deal.

Then we get to the outsole. All I can say is wow, smooth heel-to-toe transitions, fairly quiet for the amount of rubber and the design. Surprisingly, they pick up very few rocks and usually sheds the pebbles quite nicely, even on dirt roads and groomed trails, which is a big consideration for me when I decide whether to get or get again a pair of running shoes. I really dislike running shoes that weigh more at the end of the run, due to the number of pebbles and rocks stuck in the outsole.

The RunFasts have a nice multipurpose tread that has worked well on everything I have thrown at them and are showing no to very little signs of wear at 50 miles.

The Bad

They are mostly white, well at least until I started to just run in them on my usual courses and the groomed trails, now they are not quite so white. 🙂

Not a big deal, but they do show the dirt quite nicely and you can tell if someone is actually using the shoes or not by the amount of dirt that resides on the white uppers.

I had a problem with some discomfort on the inside of my right forefoot, which I found out was related to the flex point and the design of the insole in the forefoot. There was a slight rubbing at that point that was more uncomfortable than anything, no blister, just the discomfort at a level that was distracting.

I attempted to trim the raised sidewall on right insole so that the flex point, so it wouldn’t have a small fold in it when flexed, which helped a great deal, but went away completely when I put in a slightly thicker insole that had a flatter forefoot design. Now it is not an issue at all.

The reality is that

I am really enjoying running in the Reebok Floatride RunFasts.

The issue I had with the RunFasts was a very minor one that was taken care by simply sliding in a different pair of insoles, so it is not in my opinion a big deal.

The big deal for me is that I run well and now comfortably in them for all the running that I do, fast, slow, in between, it doesn’t matter. I more than likely could get away with using the RunFasts as my daily trainers, as well as my race day/go faster shoes.

I won’t, but I am very sure that I could, without any issues.

To say that I am impressed with them so far would be an understatement and this is from someone who is very jaded to how running shoes seem to work for me after I get to the 50 mile review. It is just a sense, but I do believe that the RunFasts are going to meet my high expectations that I have set for them. The best thing is, if they do it will be pretty cool.

I think what I said after my first run in the Reebok Floatride RunFasts, still hold very true at the 50 mile point.

The FloatRide RunFast’s are a scary arse shoe to me and I have a feeling will encourage me to run faster than I probably should at some point. They are an easy shoe to just “go” in.

Now to get some miles on them and see what they really can do, I just wish that I could do them justice, but they are shoes that deserve someone much faster than me to be wearing them.

However, I plan to definitely keep running in my pair.

Now to get Reebok to add a couple of base colorways besides white, but not boring gray or black and I will be very happy.

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