A Surprisingly Quick 8.0 Miler – Runlog 8-31-18

Today was the last day of August and I needed 8.0 miles to make 150 miles for the month. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to run that far or not this morning and I was still feeling a little off from the other day. So I figured that I would go ahead and plug along and see how things went.

Fortunately, Mother Nature cooperated and provided me another of those Top 10 days. You know temps in the mid 60’s, a light breeze and bright sunshine. Well that part isn’t perfect for running, but it is pretty great for the soul. 😉

I started pretty slowly, but I was listening to music and when my intro song was over and I got into the running music, without really thinking about it, I picked up the pace. I got into a comfortably not quite hard, but a faster than normal run.

Surprisingly, even though I started out unsure of how well I would run this morning, I was able to keep a nice for me pace throughout the run. Although I do think that taking yesterday off from doing much of anything probably helped a lot too.

Once I got down on the flats, my body woke up, relaxed and just went into the music. Since school has started, traffic has gone down a bit, which was nice, except for the jerk in the black pickup down on Tiffany who decided it would be fun to scare the shit out of the runner. He wasn’t really that close, but he was definitely over the centerline coming up behind me. Seeing that black truck’s hood suddenly right beside me, startled me just a bit.

Also usually I don’t have the music going and at least have a little warning of the arsehole being behind me. Just one of the reasons why I don’t like running with music on the roads, but…at the same time I also run better with the music and I sort of needed it today.

I muttered a few choice epitaphs about the arsehole and got my focus back on maintaining my effort level. Which I did up to Goodhue, where I took my time to turn and then I purposely picked up the effort a notch and proceeded to get my pace a little faster. Not 10K race pace, but a nice comfortably hard effort level that I felt good at, but it wasn’t enough stop me from doing the 8.0 miles I wanted this morning.

Stevens Hill crushed me as usual, but I was able to pick the pace back up when I got to the tar.

I did this run in the Grasse Roads and had zero issues with the shoes. They just felt comfortable and let me run. Although they are not my “go fast” shoes, I did set a 2018 10K distance PR, (in the middle of an 8.0 mile run) which really surprised me, especially since I wasn’t attempting to do anything like that when I started.

Overall a very good run, that gives me a little more confidence that I am heading in the right direction for me in my training. Now to do a few more weeks and maybe head up to Newport on September 8th to do a 5K back in my old home town. Who knows maybe I will even see some people I know from back in the day, that would be kind of nice.

Yeah, I made that 150 miles for August.