The Left Hammie Barked and I Listened – RunLog 9/2/18

This morning’s run was a story of two runs, but even so, I can’t really complain other than to say that – this sort of sucks, but it is something that I seem to run into much too often.

The first three miles were at a comfortable pace, a little faster than just a regular base run, but nothing near race pace or effort. The Middle Road course tells me a lot about my present fitness level, but at the same time, it seems that the hills and my left hamstring by the time I just about get to the 3.0 mile mark when I push the pace a little shit happens. Continue reading “The Left Hammie Barked and I Listened – RunLog 9/2/18”

Thoughts on Running by Feel, by Matt Fitzgerald

Over the past month I have been really looking hard at my running again and what my real goals are versus my various delusions of grandeur. Which also means that I have been re-reading some of my old running books (ebook and hard copy), to ponder on what people who are much smarter than I am, write about running. You know books like the one below:

No matter what I want to believe, eventually Father Time wins all his battles. However, I do want to keep making the old bastard chuckle at my feeble attempts to keep running as far and fast as I can, for as long as I can.

Which means that I have to work on my knowing what I am “supposed” to do as I get to be an old fart according to the experts versus what I think I know, in addition to actually doing the work when it comes to MY running. Continue reading “Thoughts on Running by Feel, by Matt Fitzgerald”