The Left Hammie Barked and I Listened – RunLog 9/2/18

This morning’s run was a story of two runs, but even so, I can’t really complain other than to say that – this sort of sucks, but it is something that I seem to run into much too often.

The first three miles were at a comfortable pace, a little faster than just a regular base run, but nothing near race pace or effort. The Middle Road course tells me a lot about my present fitness level, but at the same time, it seems that the hills and my left hamstring by the time I just about get to the 3.0 mile mark when I push the pace a little shit happens.

Last Spring I was running in about the same place when I had an issue with my left hamstring that lingered for the month of May. Today while I wasn’t pushing hard, I was going faster and when I got to the same place the hammie started talking nasty too me.

It’s gotta be those Pixie’s shooting darts at the hamstring. 🙂

Well, whatever it is the hammie wasn’t happy and I shut it down quickly, which happened to be right at the 3.0 mile mark again.

After that I just relaxed and didn’t hurry for the last two miles. The left hamstring wasn’t quite right, but it wasn’t bad enough to stop and walk it home.

The first 3.0 miles were pretty good, then the last 2.0 were just get home and put some ice on the leg. I have a feeling that I will be taking the next couple to three days off and the plans that I had to go up to Newport for a 5K race, will be changed. However, I gotta be smart about this and not miss the entire month of September, like I did when I didn’t run that much during May.

Yeah, me being smart – that is pretty much an oxymoron statement when it comes to running sometimes.

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